Mod Hairstyles, The Mod Bobs For Today

For a number of years now, we have been witnessing a comeback of some mod hairstyles that were popular many years ago with a new, exciting twist for the modern times that we live in.

1960s mod retro bob hairstyle

Mod Hair. Again.

The 60's are thankfully not an exception to this unspoken hair recycling rule. Bobs and pageboys were much sought after looks in that day and are still going strong in present times with a new flair towards the dramatic. One such mod hairstyle captures the ease and beauty of the pageboy with the versatility and simplistic beauty of the Bob hairstyle and blends it together with a modern touch.

Another terrific element to this hairstyle is that it is practically perfect for all hair types. Whether your locks are thick or fine, this style can be modified to work with your tresses. Very straight to slightly wavy locks will work best with the mod look such as this because the finished look is sleek. However with a little time and a few hair products and tools, you can wear this updated retro, mod hairstyle if you so desire.

Modern women need modern hairstyles to suit the life that they need. It is incredibly important to have a fabulous hairstyle that can take you through every moment of your day and make certain that you always look your best. That however does not mean that you want a boring cut that is out of place anywhere out of the office.

After all, a cookie cutter haircut is not something that most women feel happy with. Instead, these hairstyles give you the freedom to look great while never compromising your individual flair.

Although there are of course countless retro hairstyles that you can choose, from, the one that the model is wearing will give you a base idea to work from. This hot retro hairstyle takes very little time for your stylist to achieve and even less time for you to shape into the height of hair fashion each day.

Ask your stylist to give you a cut that is the same length in the front and on the side, your bangs will be long and fall to past your brows. This hairstyle does not make use of layers as you want your locks to be sleek with little movement. As the model has done, you can opt to have select strands left long on either the sides and or back of your head for flair and drama.

Another exceptional way to make your style stand out is through the use of color. This model has an interesting red hue to her locks that provides her look with an extra amount of shine. Make use of color to create a hair statement.

Styling Steps ~ Retro Bob Hairstyle

  • Wash your hair and towel dry thoroughly Use your fingers to work a dab of styling gel throughout your hair
  • With a round brush, blow dry your hair under working from the roots downward.
  • Curl the ends slightly under with your brush while drying.
  • A dab of pomade can be ran through the strands of any select long pieces of hair for hold
  • Mist with hairs pray and or spray shine if desired.

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Updated September 22, 2011

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