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Mineral Makeup Without Bismuth, Is There Bismuth Oxychloride Metal In Your Cosmetics?

Imodel mineral makeupf you are a person who is both image conscious and concerned about the health implications of what you regularly put on your face, you've probably already heard a little bit about the debate over the presence of bismuth in mineral makeup.

The benefits of mineral makeup are widely known; it gives skin a wholly natural shine as well as providing a wonderfully non-reactive solution to people with sensitive skin.

Despite all of this, it is still important for an educated consumer to be concerned with what they are purchasing and what is in it, so take a look at bismuth oxychloride, which is present in many different brands of mineral makeup.

Bismuth is a heavy metal that occurs only very rarely in nature and it is important to note that it is the only heavy metal that is NOT toxic.

It has been used in everything from making safety devices to soldering, to magnets, but this doesn't tell you what it will do in makeup. Bismuth oxychloride a compound that is used in cosmetics for a number of different reasons.

It is quite inexpensive, so companies like to use it in many of their makeups, and because of the fact that it has binding qualities, it will make the pigment of the makeup stick to your skin.

You'll also find that bismuth oxychloride is highly reflective, and because of this, it can give you a shimmery, pearly glow to your skin, which also makes it quite popular.

For the concerned consumer, the question becomes; should you use mineral makeup that contains bismuth oxychloride? The answer to this question is something that everyone who uses makeup has to answer for themselves.

First, you should be aware that bismuth is, after all, a heavy element, and because of this, it can oftentimes cause clogs in your pores If you have a problem with clogged pores, blackheads and acne, this likely means that the heaviness of the bismuth is something you should avoid.

You might also notice that after you wear mineral makeup that contains bismuth oxychloride, your skin might be quite itchy.

This is something that might occur if you have more sensitive skin, and you should be aware that this is not something that will go away; as a matter of fact, this problem can get worse as your skin continues to be irritated, so if you think that the bismuth oxychloride is at fault, switch to a brand that does not use it right away!

Currently, mineral makeup companies that don't use bismuth are only slightly outnumbered by the ones that do, so you should have no problem finding an alternative if you wish to do so.

Before you buy any makeup, take a quick look at the ingredients list and see what is present. Remember that the closer to the beginning of the list an ingredient is, the more of it there is keep an eye out and shop wisely!

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