Mineral Makeup Reviews

Here are 4 Mineral makeup reviews of top brands  that were first to introduce us to this over the counter wonder product.

Over the last 30 years, mineral makeup has made its entrance into the large world of beauty and cosmetic lines.

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Although it was not widely known then as it is today, mineral makeup has slowly become increasingly more popular due to its positive benefits it has on the skin.

The natural organic minerals that it is made from as opposed to man-made cosmetics that women around the world use today is one of the attractive features that many people have found help benefit the skin instead of just covering imperfections with manufactured chemically balance makeup.

4 Major Brands

There are 4 major brands of mineral makeup that the public has sought out over the years in hopes to find the perfect blend for their personal uses. If you have never tried mineral makeup or are relatively new to the mineral makeup line, then you will want to research and do some mineral makeup comparisons of a few of the major product lines to find which is best for you and your skin.

There is not going to be one main type of manufactured makeup for everyone out there, just as not all types of mineral makeup will accent the beauty of your skin the way that you desire.



Founded by Diane Richardson Ranger, this line of micronized mineral makeup comes from our earth’s natural minerals. With the attitude that ‘looking good is now good for your skin’, Colorescience uses the natural pigments of the minerals to reflect light in order to soften features while giving your skin a youthful glow.

While this product line of cosmetics is formulated for all skin types, it has a positive effect on the condition of your skin while you use it.

The Colorescience line of products has a positive benefit for the skin since each product is uniquely formed with extensive research in order to authenticate the use of nanotechnology for development.

By using organically grown minerals, they are essentially anti-inflammatory and act as an antiseptic; you will find not only a soothing feeling but also help by keeping the skin clean and not clogging your pores.

Jane Iredale

jane iredale

Originating in 1994, Jane Iredale came from the film, theater and television industry to provide beauty industry with a line of mineral makeup that is beneficial for the skin.

While working together with dermatologists and plastic surgeons around the world in order to develop a product line that is natural, she has managed to provide a line of mineral makeup that not only provides color enhancement, but also the many benefits for the skin.

With the Iredale line of cosmetics that effectively cover conditions such as acne, rosacea, and redness due to laser treatments or chemical peels.

Containing no talc or parabens to clog the pores of your skin, is composed of inert minerals that cannot support bacteria in order to help keep your skin clean and clear of imperfections.

Blended minerals and pigments that have been micro-pulverized form microscopic flat crystals for this unique skin product line.

With the ability of these crystals to overlap one another and protect the skin from outside pollutants while protecting from the sun’s damaging UV rays, your skin is still able to breathe and function during the day without needing continuous reapplication.

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Mineral Makeup Colors

L Oreal

L'oreal Paris

This very popular brand of cosmetic line has been in the market for many years with a devote group of customers. They have branched out from the traditional makeup line and joined the ranks of mineral makeup providers.

There is some speculation in the cosmetic market around this brand of mineral makeup since it is not completely natural and does contain some preservatives as well as additives such as aloe, vitamins E and B5 along with a small amount of necessary fillers.

For some people looking for mineral-based makeup, L Oreal may be the cosmetic line for you. Just as other types of makeup have varying affects on different people, this line of products is not for everyone.

You will have to sample it for yourself in order to see if it is right for you and your skin, just as you would any other product line you are considering purchasing.



After a lifetime of searching for answers to her own personal skin issues, Kirsten Corcoran began the Larenim product line to help those who have experienced the trials with skin imperfections as she once had.

With the success of her own products, Kirsten has made the Larenim product line available for others to experience the benefits that only mineral makeup can bring to your skin.

Being extremely versatile and easy to apply, the entire product line of Larenim is made from 100% minerals that are non-drying, irritating or toxic to the skin.

You will not find talc, dyes, oils or chemicals that are widely used in manufactured makeup today.

By sealing in the skin’s natural moisture while diffusing oil, these minerals will not harbor bacteria and are naturally soothing on the skin

The search for mineral makeup can be an extensive one for a consumer that is not familiar with the market and the brands available.

With some background information, you are sure to choose a product line that is not only pure in what it claims to be for advantages and benefits for your skin, but also honest and helps maintain the natural beauty that you hold within yourself without feeling covered up or made-up as you do with manufactured chemically enhanced beauty products.

cheap Mineral Makeup

Cheap Mineral Makeup

While there are a number of expensive beauty products in the market today under the niche of mineral makeup.

You can often find a variety of cheap mineral makeup brands that use all natural ingredients in order to obtain the same results as high-priced products on the shelf right beside them.

In the end, it is your choice to which brand is right for you regardless of price or product line.

With well-known companies such as Avon and Neutrogena along with many others, you can be confident to find a variety of colors and types of mineral makeup for daily uses for any number of skin types.

You will want to be very choosy when deciding on a pure mineral makeup product line or one that is just `mineral based` with additives or preservatives.

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