Mid Length Hairstyles

Mid length hairstyles help make it almost impossible to believe that someone as beautiful as Shera Danese is over sixty. One of the reasons that she looks so attractive is the fact that her hairstyle is incredibly flattering and youthful.

Mid Length HairstylesShera Danese

We may not yet have found a fountain of youth, however Shera Danese has expertly tapped into one of the key factors in keeping yourself looking youthful  by wearing a hairstyle that compliments you in every way. 

Shera wears her hair clipped into a tousled shoulder length Bob that is just artfully messy enough to be considered playful yet tame enough to be called sophisticated. This essentially leaves Shera with a easy to style do that can be worn anywhere, anytime.

Women of all ages would find that they would look just as put together, confident and fantastic in their hairstyles as Shera Danese does in her tousled shoulder length Bob if they always tried to work with their hair instead of fighting against it. 

A medium length hairstyle really makes a great choice for those with fine locks as the layers snipped throughout add body and volume. The slight upward flip to the ends shows off the light side of her personality and the brow brushing bangs add gentle width to her narrow face shape.


  • Wash your locks with products meant for your hair type.
  • Detangle hair with a wide tooth comb and evenly distribute styling mousse through damp strands. 
  • With a medium sized round brush, work around your head drying your hair in small sections. 
  • Lift through the crown while drying to offer volume to the finished style. 
  • When drying the ends of your hair, roll your brush over to create a cute flip. 
  • When your hair is dry, comb through with your fingers and if you want a more pronounced flip you can use a large curling iron to create the look you desire. 
  • Gently tousle your hair with fingers lightly coated in styling pomade, avoid your roots so you do not pull out the volume through the crown.
  •  Piece and pinch any ends with a touch of styling wax for definition if you wish. 
  • Mist with a light hold hair spray.

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