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Michelles Betty Bangs

Michelle After Betty Bangs

Im not sure I even like these!!

So I thought it over for several months, talked about it with family and friends. Had a few people tell me "I dunno about bangs"... So I got bold, I grabbed one of my closest friends and said "LETS do this!"

We walked over to the little shop next to my friends house, I had done a little research and had read that one of the girls there was highly recommended. (I'll leave her name out)

Anyways, I end up with that exact woman, I tell her I read a little bit and heard she was the best, I showed her an image of Lovely Miss Bettie, and told her I wanted her bangs. 20 mins later.. were the results..

I started messing with the short hair covering a little portion of my face, unsure of how I felt or what to say.

But I could tell you what the stylist said was not what I wanted to hear.. "It will grow out to the length you want in 1-2 weeks" & she offered me a discount for the next time I wanted a hair cut!!.. SO here it is...
My Bettie Bangs, Michelle, USA

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Michell's Bettie Bangs
Updated November 11, 2012

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