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Michelle Obama Fashion And Style

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Michelle Obama’s style matches her personality, confident, strong, sure of herself, and classy. Her makeup is always neutral, yet for special occasions she accentuates her best features.

The first lady isn’t afraid to wear new and trendy fashions, as was evidenced when she wore a virtually unknown designer, Jason Wu to the inaugural ball, nor is she afraid of controversy as her critics quickly noted when she wore a sleeveless dress at the presidential address.

No matter what your political, personal fashion views or preferences one thing is certain: Michelle Obama is not afraid of controversy. She is a trailblazer, and her fashion choices have been an inspiration to many women worldwide.

The basis of Michelle Obama's style is good health and self-confidence. From the way she strides across a platform to hold the hand of her president husband, to proudly waving sleeveless arms at American viewers while she unabashedly kisses the president and tells him that she loves him, Michelle Obama’s self-confidence, inner strength, and determination shows through all that she does.

Her makeup complements her features and is never worn in a manner that hides who she is. Neutral tones, and a light application ensures that the first lady can easily touch up her makeup without needing to spend countless of hours from her schedule to tend to fashion.

Her skin is smooth and radiant and reveals a healthy diet, one that is free from the effects of harmful living. With a hurried and rushed schedule, Michelle Obama has never ceased to look fresh, awake, and bright, all while wearing minimal amounts of makeup.

michelle obamas hairstylesMichelle Obama Fashion ~ The First Sleeveless Dress

When Michelle Obama wore a sleeveless dress to President Obama’s first inaugural address she caused quite a stir. Critics thought that it wasn’t polite for the first lady to wear sleeveless.

The naysayers failed to have an impact on Michelle as she continued to wear sleeveless dresses and tops and hasn’t stopped. This type of self-confidence needs to be exhibited in all who wish to be fashionistas.

No matter what your personal style, tastes, or preferences, there will always be critics who disagree with your taste and sense of fashion. Believing in yourself and knowing who you are will ensure that you can pull off any style with grace, confidence, and self-assurance.

If Michelle Obama’s arms were undefined or had the common wing-flap associated with age, surely the talk would have been of a different vein. Because Michelle Obama works out and revealed well toned and defined arms, the negativity associated with her wearing the Narciso Rodriguez was limited to season and the importance of the event.

Those who were against her wearing the sleeveless dress believed that it was simply improper to wear a dress of such nature to a presidential address and not a cocktail party.

The trend setting ways of the first lady have endeared her to the hearts of many who look up to her. From her natural and healthy looking skin (her makeup artist, Ingrid Grimes-Myles states that she wishes all women would look up to Michelle Obama as a role model for skin care), to the bravery in choosing styles simply because she likes them evokes a sense of confidence and self-assurance not often seen with political figures.
Michelle Obama Fashion


Michelle Obama Fashion

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