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Michael Douglas Hair

Michael Douglas Style

Legendary movie star Michael Douglas wears his hair in a conservative hairstyle that still remains trendy and which flatters his hair texture to the fullest.

michael douglas hair

Unlike many mature men, Michael Douglas has not been plagued with thinning locks which enables him to wear many different looks. He chooses to wear his locks in a hairstyle that although neat and trim, still has a gently tousled look that is very youthful.

Michael Douglas’s hairstyle has been clipped short along the sides and back allowing for a professional, moderate appearance. However, there is longer length through the top that is textured and will give movement and style.

Michael’s natural salt and pepper color actually offers shine and depth to his hairstyle which is nice for a mature man. Even though it is perfectly acceptable for men to color their hair, Michael Douglas’s polished look shows that it is really necessary.

There is very little work involved in maintaining a hairstyle like Michael Douglas’s, regular trims and a few moments spent styling are all it takes to have a fantastic look like Michael’s.

Michael opts to wear his bangs long and brushed back, blending them in nicely with the rest of his hair. This is a fine way for him to show off his very distinguished features. Men emulating Michael Douglas’s hairstyle however, could choose to wear their bangs down or even off to the side if they want to.
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Style Michael Douglas Hair







style steps hairstyles for older women

Wash your hair with products made for your own hair type and condition

Towel dry and work a golf ball sized dollop of styling mousse or a medium sized blob of gel through your hair with your fingers

Use a wide tooth comb to arrange your hair as desired

Set your blow dryer to a medium height and brush your hair back from your face with your fingers as well as on the sides while drying, tousling gently

When your hair is dry, you can use some styling wax applied to your fingers tips and rake your fingers through your hair, placing your hair where desired.

Go easy on the top, roots of your hair so your hair does not appear greasy or fall flat


Michael Douglas Hair

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