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Metal Nail Files

Is A Metal Nail File Right For You?

Among the various nail files available, metal is a good choice for a variety of reasons. For one thing they hold up for a long time. For another thing, they're very easy to use, and very budget-friendly. If you have never used a metal nail file there are some simple approaches that will create a nice, smooth surface. Begin by trimming your nails so they’re even and shaped the way you wish. Next it’s time to apply the file to your nails.

Remember this is not "sawing”. You want to always go in one direction consistently otherwise you will end up with cracked, damaged nails. So file up or down only.

While you’re filing remember to brush off any excess powder that forms on the nail. Otherwise your file will be fighting with that residue instead of actually working on the surface of the nail.

Tip: nail files are not just for your hands. You can use metal nail files on your toes too – they won’t easily break even with thicker nails. Just like with your fingernails, always go in one direction.

Nail File Comparison:

You have other options in nail files. To determine if a metal nail file is what you want consider this information: Ceramic:
Ceramic nail files will last a very long time, but they’re also more expensive than some other options. Since its not metal, it’s not an issue for travelers.

Diamond Dust:
Diamond dust files smooth and shape the nail. They’re durable, but not as cost-friendly as an emery board or metal nail file. These are washable and hygienic.

Emery board:
On the Pro side, this is gentler than metal. Con: the gentle nature means it will take you longer to get the job done. Mind you, emery boards are very inexpensive so you can toss them out after using them (avoiding risk of various germs accumulating).

Glass: This is a relative newcomer to the nail industry. These never splinter (unlike emery boards or metal files) and have a smooth surface.


Historically speaking nail files as we now know them began appearing in the 1900s as a way to keep fingers well-groomed and provide a positively appealing hand for shaking or kissing. Since then they have continued in the market with metal nail files being appreciated as a convenient, functional beauty tool.


Metal Nail Files

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