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Mens Wavy Style And Natural Waves

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Men’s natural waves are not the curse that many guys once thought them to be. With the abundance of trendy hairstyles on the hair forefront these days, men’s natural waves can be turned into fashionable looks.

mens wavy styleThe main key element to creating stellar hairstyles with men’s natural waves is to start out with a good haircut. Once your haircut is in place, styling products are the next essential item to working great wavy hair.

Actor Emile Hirsch is just one example of a male celebrity who wears a hairstyle that works wonderfully with men’s natural waves like his.

Emile Hirsch is a prime example of how when you work with men’s natural waves instead of fighting them, your left with an impeccable hairstyle. The best way to keep a men’s hairstyle with natural waves like Emile Hirsch’s under control is through regular trips to a stylist so that your locks are always in top shape.

This is because when the hair is clipped to hold its style it will always look more in control. Emile Hirsch’s mens wavy style is clipped with layers for movement and volume. Layers are always a wonderful way to add something extra special to a hairstyle that may otherwise end up looking lackluster and flat.

However, as with Emile Hirsch’s layers, men’s natural waves should always make use of longer layers rather than shorter ones. Hair that is wavy can be left looking disarrayed and frizzy if the layers in the cut are snipped too short.

Styling Steps - Mens Wavy Style

style steps Wash and condition your hair with products for wavy hair.

style steps Towel dry and work a generous amount of styling gel through your hair with your fingers, starting from the roots and working towards the ends

style steps Direct your damp hair where you want it to go with your fingers or a vent brush

style steps If possible, allow your hair to dry naturally

style steps When your locks are still slightly damp, place a dime size dollop of hair wax throughout for some shine and to keep frizz away

style steps You can also use sculpture lotion or pomade to piece the ends of your hair for a trendier look if you wish.

style steps If you feel the need to dry your hair, do so on a low setting, working with your fingers as you dry

style steps Once your haircut is in place, styling men’s natural waves are completely easy and simple for anyone to do at home.


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