Mens Vintage Hairstyles From The Days Of Silent Screen

mens vintage hairstyleRamon Novarro was aptly given the nickname "The New Valentino”. With his chiseled good looks and amazing features it is plain to the eye why this title was bestowed upon him.

Ramon Novarro was like practically all of the other men of his generation in that he kept his hair short and neat.

However, Roman still added little, additional touches such as a slightly off center left part that made the look work with his own personality.

The wonderful thing about Ramon Navarro’s short haircut with an off center part is that it will work with virtually any hair type and texture.

Due to the fact that plenty of hair product is used to hold this style in place, it really does not matter what your hair type may be because the look should remain in shape.

You can do as Ramon did and alter this look to suit your own individual hair desires if you so wish. For example, Ramon opts to wear very little in the way of sideburns. Instead, the hair in front of his ears is cut to a short point.

If you want sideburns of a different variety, you can choose whatever you like without having to compromise the overall outcome of this short haircut with an off center part.

Even with the use of hair product, you can still somewhat see Ramon Navarro’s natural wave showing through. This only adds an even more interesting element to the style.

With no hair on the forehead to draw your eye away, you can automatically see Ramon’s prominent chin and statuesque nose. If you have facial features that you feel need to be hidden or downplayed, this is probably not the hairstyle for you.

This is because a short cut with an off center part like this one, will show off every last one of your features in full detail. You will not believe how little time it takes to style a cut that leaves you looking this fabulous.


Style Ramon Novarro's Vintage Hairstyle

style steps Wash your hair with products for your current hair type.
style steps Work a dollop of styling gel throughout your hair with your fingers making sure to distribute the product evenly.
style steps Starting just past your left eye, not quite in the center of your forehead, use the tail end of the comb working backward to create your off center part.
style steps Comb the sides of your hair down and towards the back on either side of the part you made.
style steps Allow to air dry naturally.


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