Mens Shapewear Now

By Charla Krupp for The Style Glossy

Mens Shapewear Now













Shapewear For Men

Hiding muffin top, slimming tummy, enhancing the bust, eliminating back fat -- for women, these shapewear tricks are nothing new.

Now, men have access to similar weapons of mass reduction. The sexy men’s underwear brand 2(x)ist just launched FORM Shapewear Line for Men.

And Spanx for men, from the legendary Spanx brand, is also coming soon. But will these tummy-trimming trunks, butt-enhancing briefs and ab-creating shorts really take off? And would you want your guy in these contraptions? I don’t think so.

When I was on Judith Regan’s Sirius XM radio show for the release of my book How Not to Look Old, her male co-host at the time talked about how misleading it can be to go out with a woman who looks like she has an amazing body … until she takes off her control undergarments.

My response? As women, we have so much pressure to look good, if we have to resort to a little trickery, so be it. Now that men have access to a similar arsenal for looking good, I don’t think straight men have enough motivation beyond the joke birthday gift to suffer wearing compression undergarments.

As a culture, we simply just don’t judge men’s bodies as harshly as we do women’s.

The bar for looking good is so low for men, I’m not sure a bar exists. While some shapewear products may cause men to look more muscular than they are in critical body parts, most women won’t be impressed one way or the other. The bottom line? How many times have you heard a guy say the following before he leaves the house: "Honey, does this make my butt look big?”




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