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Mens Rockabilly Haircuts ~ Rockabilly Hairstyles

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Rockabilly Hairstyles For Men

When you think of a Rockabilly Haircut, you may automatically think of John Travolta in Grease, old rock n' roll music, Elvis Presley, the 1930's, 1940's, the 1950's, a lot of hair grease and a lot fun.

mens rockabilly hairstyleIn fact mens rockabilly haircuts were so prevalent, that it took the world by storm. It dominated the fashion industry, the music industry and the way men styled their hair.

What constituted a rockabilly haircut for a man?
It meant slick back hair. The top was kept longer in length as was the back. The sides were short.

The hair was slicked back with a lot of hair grease. The hair could be parted, slicked back or pompadour. When the hair was styled in what was considered a pompadour rockabilly style, it was messed up a bit.

The hardest part that some men found with this haircut was dealing with all the grease or rather trying to get it back out of their hair. Some found that using a special shampoo such as Dax Vegetable shampoo did the job well. Others prefer to use regular old dishing detergent that was kept in the house anyway.

The type of man that wore his hair this way was considered a stylish man, a man who lived a little on the edge and had a dangerous streak to him. This was also a type of hairstyle that the ladies found appealing, of course seeing such celebrities such as Frank Sinatra and Elvis Presley wearing it, made it even more so.

Today, you can still find men who are fond of this era wearing this look. Some of these men are also known as greasers. The ages of these men may vary.

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asian mens rockabilly hairstyleWhy is the look becoming popular again? It could be the age old thing, where everything just keeps in coming back in fashion (including hairstyles) again, with a little twist.

The twist is that the top is a lot higher on the modern day version of the rockabilly haircuts.

Case in point, in Japan, there are many young mens rockabilly haircuts and hairstyles.

They wear the style several inches higher than the original version. Many wear it this way to appear tough and dangerous.

All over the world, you may find older men who are still fond of this style as well. These same men may also be fond of collecting, restoring and showing old classic automobiles from that era as well.


Mens Pompadour HairstyleThese men may come together during social events, enjoying the music from this time, enjoying the cars and wearing the clothes and the rockabilly haircuts from those days gone by.

Throughout the world, there are still specialized barbers who can cut the hair in one of these special rockabilly cuts.

They can also help one to style it and advise one on the best gels to use to keep it that way.

Yes, you could still use the old fashioned grease, if you prefer.

Will mens rockabilly haircuts every go completely away and out of sight?

Probably, not as long as we are twisting and singing along to the lyrics of rock n' roll is here to stay.
Mens Rockabilly Haircuts




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Rockabilly ~ Elvis Style

One of the most copied rockabilly hairstyles comes from the King, Elvis Presley.
No matter how close an impersonator's mannerisms, voice, or outfit, if you don't have the Elvis hairstyle,
you don't have an act.


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Mens Rockabilly Haircuts

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