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mens mod hairstylesMen’s Mod hairstyles have been around for a great number of years. Starting as far back as the sixties, the Beatles were a band that made Men’s Mod hairstyles incredibly popular.

The Men's Mod hairstyles that the Beatles sported were known as the mop top because the hair actually resembled a mop.

This was a straight cut that brushed the color, went over the ears on the side and had a straight across bang.

Being as they were the most popular band of their time, many men world wide were quick to visit their barber so that they too could wear a Men’s Mod hairstyle like the Fab Four.

In fact, this Men’s Mod hairstyle was so revered that there was even a wig created so that men could have this particular hairstyle whenever they wanted!

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A lot of people were probably surprised at the controversy that this Men’s Mod hairstyle caused. Although trendy and very in fashion, this was also a look that screamed of rebellion and was not viewed favorably by many who were older.

As the sixties wound to a close, Men’s Mod hairstyles also changed and evolved with the times and men were soon sporting entirely different looks.

Men’s Mod hairstyles are still sought after today and the mop top is making a comeback in a big way with young male’s.

Of course, there is some modernization to this hairstyle as there are with the older fashions that are again appearing on the fashion scene.

Men’s Mod hairstyles based on the mop top haircut of the sixties are often what is called a shag.

This cut looks almost exactly like the mop top Men’s Mod hairstyle that the Beatles wore with some modern implementations thrown in.

Mens Mod hairstyles of current times based from the mop top for example tend to feature layers for volume and movement instead of laying exactly flat against the scalp. Also, the modern male is known to make good use of hair products unlike the guy’s of times gone past.

The Modern Mod Hairstyles

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Men’s Mod hairstyle flatter a range of facial shapes as they can be altered to compliment your particular face shape and can even be clipped so that they mask or show off the features of your choice.

Although not generally complex to style, a Men’s Mod hairstyle does take at least a slight amount of effort but pays off generously by offering you an updated, fun and masculine look.

Razor cutting is another method used by stylists often when creating today’s versions of Men’s Mod hairstyles as there is an abundance of texture that gives you even more to work with when creating your look.

These days, a Men’s Mod hairstyles are not frowned on at all and are perfectly acceptable everywhere from the office to the dance floor!

Styling Steps - Mens Mod Hairstyles

style steps Wash your hair with the proper products for your hair type and texture
style steps
Work a golf ball sized amount of styling mousse through towel dried tresses with your fingers
style steps
Allow to dry naturally if desired or work with a dryer on low heat
style steps
Use a small amount of styling wax or pomade and place hair as desired with your fingers


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Mens Mod Hairstyles

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