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Mens Messy Styles Messy Spiked Looks

mens messy stylesMen’s messy spikes are quickly becoming a trendy hairstyle for guys. Writer, director James Gunn is a prime example of how hip men’s messy spikes really are

Men’s messy spikes can be worn on hair that is rather short or even almost to a medium length.

As long as you have either enough hair to spike or not so much that it weighs the spikes down, you can have a version of men’s messy spiked hair.


Mens Messy Hair Style

The real key element to creating men’s messy spikes falls with using the right hair products. Generally, pomade or styling wax is what is necessary to form the spikes through the hair.

Men’s messy spikes like those worn by James Gunn pictured here will style with a greater ease when your hair is at least slightly damp. Soaked strands will fall and dry hair will likely frizz.

Men’s messy spikes offer you a fast hairstyle that is trendy and hip and allows you to create your look in mere minutes.

When you wear men’s messy spikes like James Gunn, you actually have more styling options than you may think.

For example, for a shake up to your usual hairstyle, some days, you can opt to spike just the front and leave the sides and back down or slicked back if you wish.

Spiked Messy Styles

Twisting the spikes on your hair is another method that will create variation in the end result of your men’s messy spikes hairstyle. This will give your spikes a whole new dimension.

If you’re bold enough, you can also talk to a stylist about creating some interesting elements to your men’s messy spikes through the use of hair color, highlights and or lowlights.

Styling Steps - Mens Messy Spikes


style steps Wash your hair with products that are designed for your hair type

style steps Towel dry gently ensuring that your hair is left damp

style steps Rub pomade or hair wax between your palms and rake your hands and fingers through your hair

style steps Run your hands forward and back, creating spikes as you go

style steps Feel free to use more hair wax on your finger tips to piece ends of your hair for a more textured look

style steps Direct your spikes where you want them to go until you are satisfied with the appearance of your hair

style steps Allow to dry naturally

mens messy spikes


Mens Messy Styles

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