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Mens Messy Hairstyles, Add Layers And Texture

mens messy hairstylesMen’s messy hairstyles in no way at all imply a look that is not cared for. Instead, men’s messy hairstyles refer to a cut that is deliberately casual and funky with controlled chaos.

Men’s messy hairstyles can come from a range of different looks and vary widely.

Take Kevin Bacon for example. His men’s messy hairstyle is medium length and has a decidedly casual tussled look that is trendy yet does not compromise style.

Hair products are incredibly important when it comes to forming men’s messy hairstyles. A strong holding gel, perhaps some hair wax and even pomade will go a very long way to keeping your hair in the spots that you want it to be.

There are different cuts that you can work with when seeking out men’s messy hairstyles. Kevin Bacon has had his locks snipped somewhat shorter on the sides and the back than on the top.

This will allow him to brush his hair into a neater look if an occasion arises that calls for it.

Do not let short locks keep you from trying out mens messy hairstyles like this. Just picture Brad Pitt and or Harrison Ford, both of who have perfected the rugged, masculine look in messy hairstyles for men.

Most mens messy hairstyles also hold the distinction of being pretty much wash and go without a lot of styling effort being called for. This is appealing for busy guy’s who do not enjoy primping yet want to look great. Texture is important when it comes to forming men’s messy hairstyles.

The more layers in your hair, the more texture you have which lends greatly in creating a messy yet controlled hairstyle. The best thing to do if you are seeking men’s messy hairstyles is to have some open communication with your stylist.

Have them suggest a cut that will form the messy look that you desire as well as works with your own hair type, texture and length. This is a way to assure that you are offered as much styling ease as possible when it comes to doing your hair.


Styling Steps - Mens Messy Hairstyles

style stepsWash your hair with products for your specific hair type

style stepsWork in a generous amount of styling gel or paste with your fingers

style stepsArrange your hair as desired using only your fingers and avoiding combs

style stepsLeave your hair to dry naturally

mens messy hair

Mens Messy Hairstyles

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