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Mens Long Dreads

mens long black dreads

Dreads are easy way to wear in long black hair since they are easier to grow than you might think and do not require a lot of maintenance.

Short dreads give a funky, casual look and longer dreads can be an expression of individuality or creativity and can be worn loose or tied back into a ponytail. Dreds are literally just matted hair.

History of Mens Black African Dreads

The dreadlock hairstyle originated in Africa and was sported by members of various tribes, the first of which were the Masai tribesmen.

Sometimes these men dyed their dreds red with natural root extracts.

First called "dreadful" by the Europeans who were averse to them, the word evolved to "dreadlocks" and "dreads" or "dreds" for slang.

When dreads first appeared in Jamaica, they were a rebellious style for the ex slaves to rebel against Euro-centrism.

How to Grow Mens Long Dreads

black mens long dreadsIf your hair is coarse, thick and more than shoulder length, you can wear mens long dreads.

If your hair is the right texture but a little short, you can get hair extensions.

The easiest way to create dreads is to shampoo your hair (do not use conditioner) and let it dry naturally. Section off the hair into big sections for big dreads and smaller ones for finer dreads.

Starting with a section at the base of the skull, roll the hair back and forwards between the palms. If your hair is fine, you might need to backcomb the sections a bit first.

When the dread is holding, apply some product such as dread wax on to your palms and rub it in. This will condition the hair and smooth down any frizz.

Once you have repeated this process over the whole head, you can care for mens long dreads by using products such as Dread Head to maintain them.

Black Mens Long Dreads Hairstytle

It is hard to create dreads in short hear and difficult to add extensions if your hair is very short.

Your hair needs to be at least three inches long to get this hairstyle.


How To Care For Long Dreads

Your dreads will be delicate in the first three weeks and washing them once a week is best when they are fresh.

mens long black dreads in ponytail

After that, you might want to wash long dreads every two or three days with a residue-removing shampoo.

It is very important to use a shampoo that removes residue because dreads tend to hold fluff. Normal hair attracts bits of fluff too but you can brush them out of normal hair.

With dreads, it stays and eventually makes the dreadlocks dirty unless you use the right shampoo when washing.

After shampooing, squeeze the excess water out and put a non-fluffing towel around your dreads for ten minutes. Then let them air dry or use a blow dryer.

You can wax dry dreads but not wet ones. Only use enough wax to hold the hairs down because using more wax does not lead to faster or better dreads, just greasy ones!

black african mens long dreadsAs your long dreads mature and get tighter, you will need to apply less wax.

If they feel dry, you can use a bit more wax to moisturize them.

Alternatively you can spray a light misting of natural leave in conditioner such as jojoba oil but don't do this with new dreads.

Once long dreds are established, they are actually easier to maintain than a regular hairstyle.

If you fancy the funky, sophisticated look of short dreads or the cool hippie style of mens long dreads, perhaps you should give black men's dreads some thought.

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