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Mens Layered Bobs For Easy Maintenance

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brides hairstyles
brides hairstyles

The Bob For Men

The layered bob is a very popular look for women and is more widely recognized as a woman's hairstyle. Yet, many men also finds this look to be appealing for them.

One reason is that mens layered bobs take little to no maintenance.

mens layered bob hairstyleIt is a very easy wash and wear look. You start with a short bob cut. The bob haircut is known as the most classic short haircut one can get. In this cut the hair falls at the chin. Then the hair is layered.

Layering adds more volume to one's hair. It also gives a simple cut more piazzas. Layered styles are not hard to maintain, although they do require frequent trimming.

If one happens to have any natural curl within his hair, the layering can do away with this curl. This is one advantage many men finds with this cut and style.

If any curl remains that the wearer does not like, all he has to do is apply some simple hair mouse or styling gel and then flatten out the curl.

If he chooses to allow any natural curl to remain, the layering bob will make the curls less noticeable. In fact, the curls can add volume to the look and help to achieve a greater look of messiness to the style, if the man wishes.

The length of mens layered bobs depends on the man's desire. He can have it cut short or allow it to grow at medium length.

Some people say the layered bob that men are wearing got its origins from the well known 1970's hairstyle known as the Classic Shag. They also say that the man's bob, inverted bob and even the mullet originated from the same idea behind the Classic Shag.

There are similarities in the two styles.

The classic shag started out with straight hair. The layered bob does, too. Yet, the classic shag is usually worn long and is never layered. Does this mean that mens layered bobs can thank the 1970's for its start? In honesty, maybe.

What goes around, seem to keep coming around in style of fashion and in hair. We just update it and tweak it to suit our current tastes. The modern day Layered bob has been tweaked, too. The sides are short. The ears are generally covered in hair. The top is longer and have a tousled just got out of bed look about it. Maintenance is simple. Wash, apply some gel to get a tousled look and enjoy your day.

Many type of men likes the look of the layered bob, from musicians, to athletes to everyday business men. The reason the look works for a vast array of men, is in the upkeep. If you keep the look clean and slightly tousled, you can still look professional. Allow the look to become a bit more tousled and little bit more messy and you have the perfect musician type appearance.

Add another plus to the men's layered bob hairstyle is the fact that the look can make most men look years younger, a fact both men and women can appreciate.

Mens Layered Bobs


Mens Layered Bobs

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