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If your wife or girlfriend makes suggestions about your fashion choices, that's a warning sign. If your friends and coworkers make comments, you need to make some changes. And if your spouse, friends, and coworkers are all saying the same things, you might want to hire a mens image consultant.


Personal Image Consultants And Why You Need One

What Is An "Image Consultant"?

The simplest answer is that a mens image consultant is a person who helps other people look their best. The term "fashion consultant" is better, but still a little misleading—it implies they work only with clothes. An image consultant, however, works with a lot more that that.

The best description of an image consultant is as an artist, one who uses people for their canvas and grooming, wardrobe, and body language as their paints. They alter the variables that they can, putting all the pieces together to present the best package image. They help you present a more polished, complete version of the image you want to project.

Why Hire A Mens Image Consultant?

Many of you may be asking, "Why pay someone for fashion advice when my wife offers it to me for free?" There are two main reasons: objectivity and expertise.

Objectivity: The problem with asking your spouse, friends, and coworkers for fashion tips is that they like you. They don’t want to upset you or hurt your feelings. Consequently, they may be less than completely honest, soft-pedaling their comments, dropping subtle hints that you don't pick up on, even well-intentioned white lies. A mens image consultant, on the other hand, doesn't know you and is being paid to make you look great. They can offer the unbiased perspective and honest, direct, objective opinions that you need to hear.

Expertise: Sure, your wife or girlfriend may have a great fashion sense—for women. Men's fashion is much more subtle, with different goals and strategies. When you hire an image consultant, you are hiring an expert on men's fashion. Their expertise also extends far beyond clothing—they are also experts on men's hairstyles, facial hair grooming, posture, body language, vocal tones… the list goes on. They can help you achieve the complete professional image you want to project.

If you have a slightly non-standard image goal, a fashion consultant can help you achieve that better than simply reading fashion magazines. Some professionals, for example, want to project a look that is urban and professional, but also slightly country: the "urban cowboy" look. Artists—painters, writers, musicians, etc.—may want to present an image that is eccentric, yet still fashionable and professional. In cases such as these, the detailed expertise of an image consultant can help you achieve this difficult, fine line.

How Do I Hire A Personal Image Consultant?

You probably won't find the term "mens image consultant" in the Yellow Pages unless you live in Hollywood or Washington, D.C. (politicians frequently use image consultants).

A quick internet search on "image consultant" + your city, however, should yield several results.

Next, don't just grab the first name you see. Meet with several image consultants before deciding which one you want to hire.

For example, make sure you find an expert in MEN'S fashion. Some image consultants charge by the hour—which can quickly get expensive—while others charge by the service. More importantly, dealing with your appearance is a sensitive, touchy subject.

Consequently, you'll need to find a mens image consultant you're comfortable with—someone who will be honest and direct, yet still delicate and tactful. Once you found someone you're comfortable with, who understands and agrees with your image goals, then it's time to hire them and invest some time and money in making yourself look great.


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