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What Is Formal Wear?

Fashion advice for mens formal wear is complicated by defining what exactly "formal" wear is. We'll define formal wear as outfits men wear for formal occasions—weddings, funerals, black-tie social functions, and perhaps for a hot date.

Suits are covered under Business Clothing, and khakis and sport coats fall into the Casual Clothing category. So we'll start mens formal wear with the most formal outfit of all—the Tuxedo!

Tuxedos are an important, expensive purchase, so you'll want to choose one carefully to get the most use out of it. Be conservative when shopping for a tuxedo—you'll most likely be wearing it for years to come, so pick a look that is classic, traditional, and won't go out of style anytime soon.

Find a brand and fit that is comfortable for you. As years go by and you gain or loose weight, you'll find it more cost-efficient to have your tuxedo altered and tailored to fit your new build than to buy a new one.

Twelve Tips For Tuxedos

1. If you have to buy a tuxedo for your wedding (assuming the bride gives you any choice in the matter), chose a color and style you can wear to other formal occasions later on. Avoid anything that is obviously a Wedding Tuxedo—no ruffles, tails, or unusual colors.

2. Go to a reputable tuxedo shop.

3. Let the tuxedo shop fit the tuxedo to you, even if that requires paying extra for alterations. Tuxedos are expensive and supposed to make you look your best—so don't go only halfway.

4. One-Button tuxedos are traditional, mature, and never go out of style. They shows the most of your vest and/or cummerbund.

5. Two -Button tuxedos are slightly more fashionable, but still classic and respectable

6. Three Button (or more) tuxedos are trendy and fashionable. They are usually worn open and with a vest instead of a cummerbund. These tuxedos are for the young, stylish, and daring.

7. Notch Lapels are the most popular lapel style. About 90% of tuxedo customers choose this type

8. Peak Lapels are the mot classic, traditional, and fashionably safe choice.

9. Shawl Collars are a very traditional choice that never goes out of style. Reminiscent of the 1930s, Shawl Collars provide a slightly retro look (in a good way).

10. Corneliani brand tuxedos provide a tight, slim fit. A great choice for men with skinny or athletic builds. A poor choice for men who are overweight, or for whom comfort is an important factor.

11. Hugo Boss brand tuxedos are large, loose, and bulky. The waistcoat is almost an inch longer than standard tuxedos. The shoulders are wider, the arm holes longer, and the chest fuller than other tuxedos. A very comfortable tuxedo with a forgiving fit. Hugo Boss is a good choice for taller or larger gentlemen.

12. Hickey Freeman brand tuxedos are an excellent middle ground between the tight-fitting Corneliani and the oversized Hugo Boss. Hickey Freeman tuxedos are well fitted with some waist suppression and lightly padded shoulders. Hickey Freeman is a good choice for slightly overweight men.

Mens Formal Wear

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