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Men's Tapered Shirts

A small revolution has occurred in men's fashion that has passed by most unnoticed—the tapered shirt. For the past century (or longer), men have essentially had two choices in shirts: classic off-the shelf shirts, with all their drawbacks, or highly expensive tailored shirts custom-made for themselves.

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A new fit, the tapered shirt, offers a more flattering third option, making you look taller and thinner while still being comfortable. This article will explore the drawbacks to both classic dress shirts and T-shirts, and the benefits of mens fitted shirts.

We'll start with the classic button-down dress shirt. It is essentially a rectangle of cloth, with sleeves attached at a 90-degree angle. The problem with this cut is that the rectangle is cut wide enough to fit around your shoulders, resulting in a lot of excess fabric around your midsection.

When tucked into your shirt, this extra cloth tends to bunch and gather around your waist, giving the appearance of a pudgy belly.

Mens fitted shirts however, resemble less of a rectangle and more like a very slight triangle, tapering subtly from your shoulders to your waist. The sleeves are attached not at a 90-dregree angle, but at a slightly wider angle. Although this slight angle is only a very small change in the construction of the shirt, it makes a big difference. With less excess fabric gathers around your midsection, you appear slimmer and taller, while still having lots of room inside to move around and disguise a pot belly.

Men's Fitted T-Shirts

The same problem occurs with simple T-shirts. They are also cut essentially as a large rectangle with 90-degree sleeves, and usually with a high ring collar. Although comfortable and roomy, the excess fabric gathers around the waist, making one look heavier. This is the main reason many men do not wear their T-shirts tucked into the waistband of their pants.

A fitted T-shirt, however, has two modifications that are more flattering to the wearer. Again, the trunk of the shirt is slightly tapered, the sleeves attached at a slightly wider angle. The resulting fit has less extra cloth gathering around the belly, making you look thinner and taller.

The second small modification with a big result is a gentle V-neck collar. A T-shirt with a V-neck below your chin opens up your face, making your shoulders look broader. Combined with the fact that a tapered T-shirt is slightly tighter across the chest, this shirt makes you look a little more muscular than you actually are.

Although both tapered dress shirts and T-shirts are slightly more expensive than their classic counterparts, the extra cost is worth it considering how flattering these tapers shirts are.

They make you look taller and leaner, and, in the case of tapered V-neck T-shirts, slightly more muscular.

You don't have to be skinny or built like a magazine model to look good in a tapered T-shirt.

There is still plenty of room inside these shirts to hide a bit of a tummy. If you are still skeptical, go to a clothing store and try one on. Why not? It's free!

If you can sit down and your stomach does not bulge against the buttons of your dress shirt, then you're good to go. Try one—you'll be amazed at the results!

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