Mens Faux Hawks

Mens Faux Hawks are a great style for guys seeking haircuts that will allow them to look stylish yet are trendy at the same time. For many, men's faux hawk hairstyles have fit this need perfectly.

Men's faux hawk hairstyles contain a strip of hair that goes across the top of the head that has more length than the rest of the hair on the head.

Celebrity Faux Hawks

Always the first to grab onto the latest trends, Hollywood's male elite are spotted all over town doing everything from strutting down a red carpet to dancing in the hottest clubs while wearing men's faux hawk hairstyles.

Ben Foster is one such male star who wears his faux hawk hairstyle with confidence and ease.

A men's faux hawk hairstyle like Ben Foster's looks basically like the Mohawks of days gone by but is created without shaving the sides of the head.

mens classic faux hawk hairstyle

Men's faux hawk hairstyles can be worn with down or flat for a more conservative look if you encounter an occasion that calls for a touch more discretion in your hairstyle.

Faux Hawk hairstyles for men are a supreme choice for guys who love the messy, devil may care look with a stylish element.

One of the great aspects of a men's faux hawk hairstyle is that it can be worn regardless of what your hair type or texture may be.

This is because the key to a men's faux hawk hairstyle is in the styling products that you use.

So it really does not matter if your hair is fine, thick or in between, you will be able to sport a variation of the men's faux hawk hairstyle that Ben Foster wears.

back view mens faux hawk hairstyle

side view mens faux hawk hairstyle

Faux Hawks For Curly Hair

Not even natural curl should stop you from having your locks snipped into a men's faux hawk hairstyle if that is the look that you want.

All that it means is that your particular faux hawk hairstyle from men will look somewhat different from a guy who has straight hair.

mens curly faux hawk hairstyle

Even though mens faux hawks hairstyles like the one that Ben Foster wears is derived from the punk Mohawk look, it is considered to have a classier element that fairs better with the modern men of today.

business mens faux hawk hairstyle

Many men, who wear faux hawk hairstyles, make use of color, highlights and lowlights to show off this trendy haircut in a range of different ways.

Styling Steps - Mens Faux Hawks

Wash your hair and condition with products for your hair type.

Use your fingers to work some styling wax or paste through your hair once it is almost dry.

Guide your hair up on the top creating a line resembling the Mohawk. The sides can either remain down or you can direct them back as you wish. Allow to finish drying naturally.

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Mens Faux Hawks
Author: Tanna Mayer
Updated: February 2, 2015

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Mens Faux Hawks