Mens Fashion And Style, It Matters

Mens fashion and style will help you create your own personal style, and learn what to do, what not to do, and why.

Find out what every man needs in his wardrobe, and what to throw out to make room for your new clothing.

Men's Fashion Guide

You will find everything you need to create your own personal style, from cloth to colors, accents to accessories, and grace to grooming in this section.

There are traditions and trends in clothing, and mens fashion ranging from the subtle to the extreme. But the key to being sleek, stylish, and sexy is to create your own personal style that works for you.

Eighty percent of our bodies are covered with clothing. What you choose to wear communicates a great deal about yourself to everyone you meet.

Developing an image that is unique, a little different, and very personal is the best way to make yourself stand out in a carbon-copy crowd and get noticed by women and men alike.

Cultivating Your Personal Style


Seek out a style that you are comfortable wearing not just physically, but emotionally.

Find clothing that makes you look your best, that makes you feel confident and sexy. Then slowly adapt your wardrobe to fit that style.


If you want to develop a personal style and look through clothing, you must wear that style of clothing every day to make that personal statement.

All that flitting from one look to another in mens fashion says about you is that your are inconsistent, indecisive, unimaginative, and uncomfortable with yourself.

Stay Current

If you stay locked into the same mens fashion style forever, you will eventually look old-fashioned and outdated. Instead, just be aware of changing fashion trends and styles.

Don't slavishly follow them that defeats the purpose of having a personal style. But be flexible, willing to incorporate the elements of current fashion trends that you like and that work for you into your personal style.

mens fashion and style

Wear It Well

Correct Dress

Dress appropriately, the clothing that is correct for the situation depends on where you are, what you're doing, and who you're with but you can still keep your individual look alive no mater what situation you're in.

Extend your personal style wardrobe not just to casual clothing, but also to formal wear, professional business clothing, and business casual clothing.

This way, you can always dress appropriately for any situation while still expressing your personal style.

It is always possible to fit into a conformist corporate culture while still maintaining your fashion independence.

Keep It Clean

Clothing only goes so far guys, part of your personal style is and will always be your physical appearance.

If your grooming is sloppy, you'll look sloppy too. No matter what hairstyle and facial hair you choose, keep yourself perfectly groomed. Always.

It's More Than Just Clothes

Keep your face shaved, your teeth clean, your nails clipped, and your hair trimmed (this includes beards, eyebrows, and ear & nose hair). See Grooming For Men

It only takes a few minutes every morning, and will set you apart from your coworkers and peers. A clean, polished appearance contributes to a crisp, polished style.

well groomed male

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