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mens facial mask


Face Masks for Men

Alright men, it's high time we talked about mens facial masks. We don't mean hockey masks, Halloween masks, or gas masks; we mean actual facial masks for your skin. Television has created the idea that masks are a completely female ideal and involve fluffy white robes and cucumbers.

This is definitely not the case; anyone and everyone can enjoy the benefits of facial masks- even from the comfort of your own home. Your typical facial mask is simple enough; apply it all over the face, leave on for 10 minutes or so, then rinse. Choosing the mask that's right for you completely depends on your skin type and the changes you are hoping to see in your skin.

Mens Facial Masks - Dry Skin

Obviously if your skin is especially dry, you want a product that will help add moisture to it. Avoid products meant for acne prone or oily skin since they will only strip your face and dry it out more. It's always best to choose products that contain natural ingredients.

Nourishing ingredients such as milk or honey are great choices. Avoid petroleum based products; they are very moisturizing but they also clog your pores and leave you with a whole new problem.

Mens Facial Masks - Oily Skin

Your best friend when it comes to absorbing the excess oil from your face is clay. Clay based masks feel dry when applied and basically suck all the excess moisture out of your pores.

Another great thing is that clay is a natural product so you aren't putting dangerous chemicals onto your face. Definitely avoid creamy products- especially those that contain milk or oats. These are meant for hydrating dry skin and will only leave you oilier than when you began.

Mens Facial Masks- Sensitive Skin

Masks for sensitive skin generally contain calming and soothing agents to help with redness and inflammation. Because of its soothing effects, clay masks can be a good option for sensitive skin. Also look for products that contain green tea extract; there is nothing better at soothing inflamed skin.

While it's always important to look at the ingredients of a mask before using it, it's particularly important when dealing with sensitive skin. There are many ingredients that can react with your already irritated skin and leave you with a severe burning sensation. The cardinal rule of face masks for sensitive skin; the fewer ingredients, the better.

Mens Facial Masks-Acne-Prone Skin

Masks for acne prone skin tend to be more medicated than others. Acne is caused by bacteria so it takes a little more work to get rid of. Masks for acne will generally include benzoyl peroxide or salicylic acid.

The peroxide aids in killing the acne-causing bacteria while the acid dries out the infection and eats away the dead skin cells that continue to clog pores. Just like with oily skin, it's imperative to avoid rich, creamy products which will only leave you in an oily mess. While it is difficult to treat, mens facial masks really can aid in clearing up your acne condition.

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