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For a long while after Emo hairstyles burst onto the hairstyle scene, it was generally only teenagers that were seen wearing this offbeat look.

Now though, men’s Emo hairstyles are becoming increasingly more popular.

Actor and singer Jason Schwartzman is a prime example of how a guy can wear men’s Emo hairstyles and look trendy, sexy and classy all at the same time.

Men’s Emo hairstyles hold a strong appeal because the whole concept of Emo is taking something such as a hairstyle and personalizing it to be uniquely your own.

This means that regardless of your face shape, hair type or texture, you can wear a men’s Emo hairstyle like Jason Schwartzman’s.

Although many Emo hairstyles are done by the individual sporting the look or by one of their friends, men’s Emo hairstyles tend to be a touch more refined and are typically clipped in a salon.

Color is also an important factor in Emo hairstyles and the younger crowd seemingly loves to play with combinations of intense shades.

Jason Schwartzman Style Emo


mens wavy hair emile hirschJason Schwartzman however, keeps his mens Emo hairstyle one basic hue, again displaying the difference in an adult Emo haircut.

As with Jason Schwartzman’s Emo haircut for men, bangs are an integral part of the finished look. Emo haircuts tend to feature bangs or fringe that are worn long and swept to one side.

Not to mention the fact that the bangs on men’s Emo hairstyles typically have an off center part for a little edge and funk.

Mens Emo hairstyles like Jason’s are based off of a shag haircut and usually integrate numerous long layers for movement and shape.

A slightly messy look is also called upon to give men’s Emo haircuts a polished, devil may care finish.

Although Mens Emo hairstyles can be shorter, it is by far more common to see an Emo look that at least brushes the collar.


Jason Schwartzman’s Emo hairstyle for men is very easy to duplicate and your stylist should have no problem at all working from a picture if you take one in.

A good beautician will be able to offer you advice on working with your own hair type to make modifications to the style if necessary.

Remember, no matter how young or old you are, half of the fun of mens Emo hairstyles is that you can get as far out as you want and you can never be wrong. After all, the best Emo looks are meant to reflect your personality.

Styling Steps - Men's Geometric Emo

style steps Wash your hair with products for your personal hair type
style steps Distribute styling gel throughout your hair working from roots to ends. If you have wave or curl consider using some straightening balm
style steps Comb into place, make certain to create your part and place your bangs where you want them
style steps Blow dry while using a medium sized brush. Work in small sections for easier control.
style steps Direct your back and sides down, lift at your crown slightly. Dry your bangs to the side of your choice. Tousle slightly with your fingers for a messy look
style steps Once dry, use styling wax on your finger tips to piece the ends of your hair and to keep your bang in place

mens emo hairstyle


Mens Emo Hairstyles

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