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Mens Curly Style, Keeping It Under Control

mens curly style

James Franco is one of Hollywood’s male elite that shows off a captivating look for men with short curly hair. You can see by looking at his style that men’s short curly haircuts are great for keeping your curls under control while still affording yourself a trendy look.

It is true that if your locks are kinked, you can still wear any hairstyle that you like, however, a lot of guys like James Franco go with men’s short curly haircuts to keep their hair under control.

It does not matter what type of hair texture that you have, besides a top notch haircut, the best way to keep men’s short curly haircuts looking nice are through the use of styling products.

When you have curls like James Franco does, even when you wear men’s short curly haircuts, you still want to do everything possible to keep frizz at bay. At the same time however, you want your curls to appear soft and natural- not stiff and brittle.

If your curls tend to be course, your men’s short curly haircut can be left looking lovely through the use of a small amount of pomade.

Applied with your fingertips, pomade can work to separate and showcase your curls.

If your hair is fine however, you will want to avoid something as heavy as pomade and instead use a moisturizing styling cream to create your hairstyle on your men’s short curly haircut.

James Franco’s men’s short curly haircut has tapered sides that allow his natural curl to stand out and be set off.

Styling Steps - Mens Curly Style

style steps Wash your hair with the proper products for your hair type

style steps Apply a dab of pomade or styling moisturizer through towel dried hair with your fingers

style steps While blow-drying, use your fingers to pull your hair carefully forward and scrunch lightly

style steps If time allows, feel free to allow your hair to dry naturally

style steps Piece the ends of your hair with styling wax for definition

Use your fingers as often as possible when styling men’s short curly haircuts and once your style is in place, leave your hair alone. The more that you play with naturally curly hair, the better the chance you have of creating frizz.

Keep mens curly style like James Franco’s in their best condition by always making use of products that were created for your hair type. Regular trims are also a must to keep your hairstyle in fabulous shape.
Mens Curly Style

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