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Mens Curly Hairstyles ~ John Schneider’s Curly Hair

mens curly hairstyle
mens curly hair
mens curly hairstyles

Mens Curly Hairstyles
So many guys with naturally curly hair feel that they are doomed to have an unappealing hairstyle. One look at actor John Schneider’s hair shows that men’s natural curl can be tamed into an incredible look.

mens natural curly hair john schniederWhen it comes to men’s natural curl the essential part of having a finished look that you like is in maintaining your hair and keeping it in top condition.

Men’s natural curl can easily frizz and you want to avoid this by allowing your curls to look natural instead of stiff.

Mens Curly Hair Styles

One of the best things for guy’s like John Schneider with men’s natural curl is to make use of moisturizing shampoos and hair conditioners and to only wash their hair a few times a week so that the natural oils work to keep their hairstyle in good shape.

As you can see when you look at John Schneider’s men’s natural curl, the right hair products are important. If you have coarse curls, pomade works wonders to help your style your locks. Use pomade around the perimeter of your head rather than through the curls for separation and definition.

Fine hair on the other hand will benefit from a moisturizer styling cream to prevent your hair from being heavy and weighing down your style.

Styling your men’s natural curls just like John Schneider’s is not a complicated process at all and with just a little practice you will be a pro at doing your hair in no time at all.

Styling Steps - Mens Curly Hairstyle

style steps Shampoo and condition your hair with products designed for natural curls

style steps Towel dry and use a wide tooth comb to work out tangles

style steps Use your fingers to work a golf ball sized amount of styling mousse through your hair

style steps For fullness and volume, use some gel on the roots of your hair

style steps Apply some curl enhancing lotion to define your hair

Work in small sections as you blow-dry tousling your hair with your fingers to promote your curl

If time allows, you can leave your hair to air-dry. Avoid frizz by refraining from touching your hair while it is still damp

Piece the ends of your hair with pomade or hair wax for additional definition

Although once thought to be for women only, men too can use curling irons on their hair. If desired, work with a medium barreled curling iron to create curls around your head as desired

A few small drops of shine serum can be applied to your hair for a glossy, polished look

Mist with hairspray for hold if desired


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