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Mens Curly Hair ~ Styling For Thick Medium Length Hairstyles

mens medium curly hairstyles  adrian grenier

Men’s medium length curly hairstyles look smashing on guys who are wanting something different than your typical short haircut that can tend to be somewhat plain and boring.

Adrian Grenier is one such male celebrity that showcases mens curly hair to perfection.

This is a choice hairstyle selection for men who think that they are limited in how they can style their medium length curly hair.

Adrian Grenier shows us that it’s a great choice for men to embrace their curls with a men’s medium length curly hairstyle rather than to chop them off.

The men’s medium length curly hairstyle that Adrian wears is well suited for males who have oblong, square or rectangle face shapes as it calls attention to all the contours of your face.

adrian grenier mens thick curl hairAdrian, best known for his role on the hit show Entourage has thick, naturally curly locks and instead of allowing them to grow out of control, he opts to keep his tresses in line with a men’s medium length curly hairstyle

Although this men’s medium length curly hairstyle can be adapted for most hair types and textures, you should be aware that if your hair is straight, the overall look of the cut will be very different than that of how Adrian’s appears.

If you are blessed with tresses that curl into ringlets like Adrian’s you can sport this men’s medium length curly hairstyle without a problem.

However, the best idea is to visit a stylist who is well trained in dealing with mens curly hair as the proper haircut is where this look emerges from.


mens medium curly hairstyles  adrian grenierStyle Men's Curly Hair


style steps Shampoo and towel dry, detangle working from the ends to the roots


style steps Distribute a generous dollop of mousse or styling cream throughout your hair with your fingers, mousse is the better choice especially applied to the roots if you are looking for additional volume


style steps Separating your hair into 2" sections, use a blow dryer with a diffuser to promote your natural curls. A quick blast of cool air from your dryer will allow the hairstyle to stay sealed for curls that last 


style steps If desired work a touch of pomade through your hair to separate and define curls, mist with hairspray  





Mens Curly Hair

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