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Mens Choppy Haircut John Mayer Style

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John Mayer is by far one of the most beloved male pop stars to hit the music scene in decades. With his soulful dark eyes and rugged features, he makes women of all ages swoon, the hair is not bad either....

mens short choppy haircuts john mayerUntil recently, John Mayer was wearing his dark curly locks in a longer style that detracted from his handsome face shape.

With his new men’s short choppy hairstyle, John Mayer has an updated look that is casually messy and totally hot.

A men’s short choppy hairstyle like John Mayer’s is deliberately laid back with a messy edge that is very trendy for modern times. This men’s short choppy hairstyle is so easy to care for as well.


The beauty of a men’s short choppy hairstyle such as this one is that John does not have to compromise his curls.

Rather, a short choppy men’s hairstyle like John Mayer’s showcases his natural curl while still keeping it under control.

However, you can still wear a men’s short choppy hairstyle like this even if your hair is straight or contains a slight wave, your stylist will just need to modify the look slightly.

Visit your favorite salon and as the stylist to clips the sides just slightly shorter than medium length. You do however want to be left with some longer pieces around your ears.


mens choppy haircut



If your hair is curly like John’s is, have the top left a touch longer than if your locks contain no curl at all.

The ends of John Mayer’s men’s short choppy hairstyle have been cut in a jagged fashion that add the funky touch that makes this hairstyle completely hip.

The back of this men’s short choppy hairstyle are tapered and there has been some razor cuts in the middle to promote texture





Styling Steps For Men's Choppy Cut


mens choppy cut

style steps After washing your hair and toweling dry, blow dry whole finger combing your roots in different directions

style steps Once your hair is fully dry, rub a small dab of pomade between your palms and run your fingers through your hair

style steps Move your hair in a range of directions until you strike a casually messy look that you like


Mens Choppy Haircut

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