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If there is one thing men celebrities have - besides acting, great cars, adoring fans and a great lady by their side is style.

Celebrities can wear their hair short, medium, or long, curly or straight, spiky or layered.

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Celebrity Hair

Many men’s hairstyle trends are created from recent movies whether the hero is starring with a short clean cut business look or the villain is appearing with bad boy spikes.

So when you want to generate a little celebrity style into your look this section will show you the pictures and photos, styles and styling instructions of the rich and famous.

Many of the articles feature a celebrity with one particular style and some will include a hairstyle gallery featuring a number of styles.

Although the hairstyles and haircuts are called "men's" they are also styles that can be worn for younger guys, teenagers and even young boys.

You will see links throughout for men's virtual hairstyling which are highly recommended.

You can get a visual of how some of these trendy star hairstyles will look on you before committing to the scissors or razor.




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Alex Pettyfer Hairstyle


alex pettyfer hairstyle

Alex Pettyfer Hair

Highlights and lowlights add definition and depth to this surfer style. Long side swept bangs keep this look casual.

Ashton Kutchers Hair

While working on a period piece (of sorts) may have influenced the shaggy chic of his hair initially, Ashton Kutcher made floppy, throwback seventies ‘do’s cool enough to be loved by Demi Moore – and that’s good enough for us!
Ashton Kutcher Men's Celebrity Hairstyles

Brad Pitts Hairstyles


Brad Pitt In Bleached Blonde Hair
Brad Pitt has become an actor that most men would like to have a beer with and many women would like to have a date with, and additionally has been setting hair trends for men around the world all the while. View this gallery of some of Brad Pitt's changing styles over the years.
Brad Pitts Hair


Colin Farrell's Hairstyle


collin farrell celebrity hair

Colin Farrell has lost the long locks and is now wearing a shorter spiky style, full of texture.

This style is easy to maintain and fast to style.

Colin Farrell Hair


Mens Celebrity Hairstyles

David Beckham's Hairstyles

bavid beckhams fohawk hairstyle

David Beckhams Hair

A look at the changes in David Beckham's styles over the years, Beckham's latest style is his now signature Mohawk or Fohawk style.

David Beckham Hairstyles



bavid beckhams short hairstyle

The Foxy Evolution of David Beckhams Hairstyles
Mr. Posh Spice aka David Beckham changes his hairstyle the way we hope he changes those soccer socks – and we LOVE to watch this super hunk to see what he’s gonna do next. 

David Beckhams Hair



Mens Celebrity Hairstyles

Ewan McGregor Hair


ewan mcgregor hairstyle

Ewan McGregor’s faux hawk is achieved through a great cut and a few simple styling steps.

Ewan McGregor Hair


Mens Celebrity Hairstyles


George Clooney Hairstyles


george clooney silver hair
The King Of Cool This hunky, silver-haired gentleman has single handedly resurrected the genteel glamour that was old Hollywood. Classy, impeccably groomed, and in possession of a charismatic charm we don’t often get to see.
George Clooney Hair


Mens Celebrity Hairstyles

Hugh Jackman Hair Style


hugh jackman hair

Hugh Jackman Hair Style

This style has been snipped with layers that are short and angled through the sides and the back.



Jay Manuels Hairstyles

Know for Top Model and sharp looking hairstyles. Try his short spikey length and bleached out color.
Jay Manuel Hair


Mens Celebrity Hairstyles

Jon Bon Jovi Hair


jon bon jovi hairstyle
Jon Bon Jovi Hair
Need a style for a square face? Try this sexy style with long bangs brushed to the side.


John Schneiders Hair

John Schneider is a celebrity with natural curly hair that always looks good, try his style for your curly hair.
Mens Curly Hairstyles

Johnny Depps Hairstyles


johnny depps hairstyle

With those razor sharp cheekbones, pouty lips, and brooding eyes, there really is almost no way to make Johnny Depp anything but dead sexy. 

Johnny Depps Hair


Mens Celebrity Hairstyles

Justin Timberlakes Hair

Justin’s naturally curly hair can be styled a number of different ways.  He’s taken a no-maintenance turn and shaved it all off and grown a bit of a scruffy goatee, lending a harder edge to his baby faced good looks.
Justin Timberlake Men's Celebrity Hair


Leonardo DiCaprio Hair

leonard dicaprio mens short flat top hairstyle

Leonardo DiCaprio has transformed himself from baby faced television guest star to bona fide movie star with major acting chops to boot – and it’s been quite something to watch!

Leonardo DiCaprio Hair



Mens Celebrity Hairstyles

Lenny Kravitz Hair

Super fox and retro throwback Lenny Kravitz is a fun and funky trendsetter, from his 70’s bellbottoms to his ever changing rocker locks. A look at those famous long dreadlocks.
Lenny Kravitz Men's Celebrity Hairstyles

Matt Damon's Hairstyles Military Flat Top


matt damon flat top haircut

Early in his career Matt Damon fit a young pretty boy mold, sweet faced, blue eyed, and innocent.  As his roles grew up though, so did his style. His haircuts have become shorter and a bit more masculine, less teeny-bopper. 

Matt Damons Hair


Michael Imperioli Hairstyle


Michael Imperioli Hairstyle
Michael Imperioli Hair
Natural curly hair such as Michael's can be worn longer and cut with layers to help control curl


Neal McDonough Hairstyle


neal mcdonough hairstyle
Neal McDonough Hair
This short style can be brushed back or spiked and works well for men of all ages and hair textures.


Mens Celebrity Hairstyles

Orlando Blooms Hairstyle ~ Natural Waves


orlando bloom hair
This fella can pull off just about anything, from the ever popular faux hawk, to a long, platinum elf ponytail, to a deliberately unkempt, pseudo mullet that spikes out in all directions. His natural hair is very curly/wavy, and a deep chestnut color, but we’ve seen it quite long and more golden brown, as well as clean cut and darker.


Orlando Blooms Hair




Scott Baio Hairstyle


scott baio hair
Scott Baio Hair
Do you need a short and neat style? Try this casual look with short clipped layers and brushed back for a casual look.


Tom Cruise Hairstyles

He has always been a trend setter, single handedly putting Ray Ban shades and bomber jackets on the map, with his charismatic charm and disarming smile. 
Tom Cruise Men's Celebrity Hair






Zac Efron Hairstyles

Zac Efron's sexy hairstyle is actually very easy once you have the right haircut with razoring and piecey layers.
Zac Efrons Hair


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