Mens Casual Clothing Tips For Guys Who Make Mistakes

This article contains fashion advice for the constantly shifting world of mens casual clothing.

Find out what's hot and new, what's old and cold, what you should wear, and what you should fashion mistakes to avoid.

Men's Casual Dressing

Whether you want to jump onto the trendy bandwagon, or are just looking for a few trendy elements to incorporate into your personal style, this section is the place to start.

Men's formal wear changes very little over time. Men's professional business suits have remained essentially the same for almost a century, with only minor adjustments through the decades.

Fashion in men's casual clothing, however, changes quickly and constantly.

It can be difficult to keep up with all the current fashions, and men are notoriously more reluctant than women to part with hard-earned cash to buy new clothing just because a new style is trendy.

I am here to make it easy for you. I will tell you plain, simply, and quickly what's in and what's out in both men's casual and business casual clothes.

I will warn you though, I am a woman and I have collaborated with your wives and girlfriends.

What To Wear For Mens Casual Clothing


Buy both dress and T-shirts in your own size, not two sizes larger. A shirt that fits your neck, chest, and shoulders, it will fit the rest of you as well.

Polo And Golf Shirts

They never go out of fashion. Ever.

Flat-Front slacks

Pleated slacks are out, do try the flat front styles that can take pounds of your waistline.

Round Toed Shoes

Boxy, square-toed shoes are out.


Suits go out of fashion slowly, and are slimming, sexy, and professional. If you don't believe us, ask any woman.

Sport Coats

Preferably in conservative colors like black, gray, or navy blue. Sport Coats can dress up sweaters and T-shirts without being to fancy. And we love you in a sport coat paired with jeans.

Plain Color Patterned or Textured T-Shirts

Picture and message T-shirts are out unless your under 20.

V-Neck T-shirts

Ring-collared T-shirts are out. Unless you are in the Army.

Low-Rise, Boot Cut Jeans

They are more flattering than Regular-Rise, Straight Cut jeans.


Sweatshirt with hoods are trendy right now. Only wear on a date if you are going on a picnic. Even then, ask permission first. If she says no, buy her a matching one, you will be her hero, For a day.

mens good casual clothing

What Not To Wear In Mens Casual Clothing

Over Sized Jewelry

Gold chains with big gold pennants. Unless you are dating a women who wears Gold chains with big gold pennants. Then nothing I am writing here can help you.

Paradise Lost

Hawaiian shirts (except during vacations in the tropics) Do you really need to wear it home on the plane? We KNOW you are on a flight from Hawaii dude.


Spandex anything, unless you're a fashion model or an Olympic athlete.

Denim Shorts

Especially denim short shorts. Denim shorts only look good on women and skateboarders.

Short Sleeves And Ties

Short sleeved dress shirts with a tie, either loose the tie or roll the sleeves up. Ditto for your bow tie.

Humorous ties. No one looks stylish, sleek, and sexy wearing a tie shaped like a fish.

Pleated Slacks

They're unflattering on all but the thinnest of men anyway. For over 50 though they can be more flattering.

Collars Out

Wearing your shirt collar over your jacket collar. That look went out in the 1970s and has never returned.


Sandals with socks. Never. Really Never.

Be Your Own Man

Letting your wife, girlfriend, or mother dress you. Women have different fashion goals than men.

For example, women aim for curves, whereas men seek angles and straight lines.

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Mens Casual Clothing
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Updated: March 23, 2015

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