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Mens Butch Haircut, A Clipper Cut Style

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Men's Very Short Haircuts

Does your hair get in your way at work? Does your head get hot a lot or do you work in a lot of heat? Are you looking for a new haircut or hairstyle? Have you thought about trying out a butch haircut?

mens butch haircutsWhat is the general definition of a butch haircut?
To put simply a butch haircut is a short hair cut similar to a burr cut. It is styled by the use of a clipper. The hair on top of the head is cut all the same length, usually about 1/4 of an inch, but this isn't an exact length.

It can be tapered around the ears and neckline, but it doesn't have to be tapered to be considered a butch haircut. This is just up to the individual.


Why Men Prefer A Butch Cut

The main difference between the butch haircut and the burr cut is the length. The burr cut is a bit shorter (generally about 1/8 inch shorter).

Many men prefer shorter hair, such as the butch haircut for a number of reasons. Such as:

1. As stated above, shorter hair does not get in one's way.
2. As stated above, longer hair is hotter.
3. Shorter hair is sometimes considered clean cut and more stylish.
4. The man is all ready losing his hair and this is a way to hide the fact.
5. Women (or the choice woman in his life) seem to prefer the look.
6. Professional reasons.
7. Shorter hair is easier to maintain.
8. This cut has been ranked on many lists as the favorite or one of the favorite short hair
cuts for men.

How does one maintain the look of a butch haircut?

Maintenance is mostly your basic grooming. Shampoo, rinse, condition, air dry or blow dry on a very low setting. Since this cut is a short cut, to keep it this way, may require frequent visits to the stylist.

The frequency level will depend on how quickly the man's hair grows. Each individual has a different hair grow rate and this can also vary in one's life according to such factors as: age, stress level, health, and even the amount of nutritional foods one is eating or not eating.

If you think you recognize this style, it may be because many celebrities, including sports stars, actors and singers have been seen sporting this look on occasion. One such known celebrity is Justin Timberlake. For this reason, you can be sure that wearing this style may put you on the list of the most stylish.

Another great reason to sport a mens butch haircut or any short hair cut style, is the fact that his hair does not hide his face, people can actually see him. This is one reason many women finds this look appealing. They like to look at their man and actually seem him, see his eyes and every wonderful facial quality he has.

If you are a man looking for a new short hairstyle and want to join the likes of Justin Timberlake and many others, consider going with the mens butch haircut.
Enjoy, Mens Butch Haircuts


Mens Butch Haircut

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