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Mens Business Haircuts For A Professional Style

mens short business haircutJason Priestley who is known for starring in a show based on what is now probably the best known zip code of all time is also credited for having a slick men’s office cut.

Men’s business haircuts do not mean a stuffy hairstyle that is only appropriate in the corporate world.

Rather, guys who wear mens business hair have a hairstyle that is suitable for anything from the boardroom to the dance floor.

Generally, mens business hair styles are snipped with scissors and contains layers in a graduated style. The longest layers are located on the top of the head and taper off to often create a square shape at the back of the head.


Jason Priesley

Mens business hair like Jason Priestley’s is clipped to allow for fullness throughout the top and crown of his head. This offers a balance to the shape of his face which shows off his facial structure and provides a strong sense of masculinity.

Short mens business haircuts can be worn by the vast majority of men who want a professional appearance without settling for a run of the mill boring look.

men’s office cut like Jason’s can be modified to accentuate your own features and hair type.

Jason Priestley’s short cut is also a terrific option in that it can be changed up through the use of hair products to fit into any situation that you may need it to.

For example, if you’re going out somewhere funky and trendy, you can use product to create spikes, a faux hawk or even just a tousled, casual style.

Or, for an important work related meeting you can choose a more polished, sophisticated look.

Mens Business Haircuts

Styling Steps - Mens Business Haircut


style steps Shampoo your hair with products specific for your hair type, texture and condition
style steps Towel dry and detangle your hair with a comb
style steps Work a generous dollop of styling cream throughout your hair with your fingers
style steps If you like volume in your hair, work a volumizing product throughout your crown
style steps Blow dry on a low setting, combing with your fingers as you dry
style steps When drying the front of your hair, work the front back and up slightly for some volume and direct your locks away from your face
style steps Direct your hair with your fingers or a comb until satisfied Mist with hairspray for lasting hold

mens short business cut

mens business hairstyle


mens business cuts

Mens Business Haircut

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