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Mens Business Clothing, Wear It With A Perfect Fit

Men's Business Clothing — Suggestions For Stylish Suits


mens business clothingHow To Dress For Business

This section has all the fashion tips for mens business clothing or attire you could ask for—what's out, what's in, what's old, what's new. Discover the importance of fabric and fit, colors and patterns, sizes and styles. Find out how to shop for a suit—what to look for, and how it should fit.

Anyone can wear a suit, but few can master all the details of making a suit look spectacular. Below are the ten most overlooked or forgotten aspects of wearing mens business clothing right.


Tips For Wearing Mens Business Clothing

Ten Tips For Wearing A Suit

1. Both your jacket and shirt collar should lie flat against the back of your neck.

2. Wear your shirt collar inside your jacket collar, not over it.

3. Your jacket collar should be low enough to show a quarter-inch of shirt collar.

4. Your jacket cuffs should reveal a quarter-inch to a half-inch of shirt cuff.

5. The waistband of your pants should sit on your waist, not your hips.

6. Use the centermost belt hole. One hole left or right from the center is also acceptable.

7. Wear socks that match the color of your outfit.

8. Dress shoes should be narrow with rounded toes, and thin soles & heels.

9. Laced shoes are acceptable, but Loafers are preferred.

10. Your shoes and belt need to match in color, texture, and finish (glossy vs. matte).

If your suit does not fit you well, you'll look sloppy no matter how expensive and exquisite the suit it. Do not rely on your wife, girlfriend, or a store clerk to tell you when you've found the right fit—learn the rules for yourself. Below are the tricks of the trade for finding a suit that fits.

Tips For A Perfect Fit For Mens Business Clothing

Fifteen Factors For Finding Perfect Business Clothes

1. If you have a round face, wear suit jackets with longer lapels.

2. If you have a long, narrow face, wear suit jackets with shorter lapels.

3. The shoulder seam of both shirts and jackets should rest on outside edge of your shoulder—neither too high (on your collar bone), nor to low (on your biceps).

4. The shoulders of your suit jacket should be lightly padded—neither too sloped nor too squared.

5. Only thin men should wear double-breasted suit jackets (where the sides overlap and button down) because it adds bulk to your figure.

mens business clothing
6. Double-breasted suit jackets should always be buttoned down, or the sides will hang down and look sloppy.

7. Heavier men should wear single-breasted suit jackets (where the sides meet and button in the middle).

8. The two-button suit jacket style is the best choice for shorter men.

9. The three-button (or more) suit jacket style is the best choice for taller men.

10. Shirt collars should be just loose enough for you to place two fingers inside the collar.

11. Only thin men should wear pleated pants.

12. Heavier men should wear flat-front pants.

13. Pant legs should break and drape slightly about an inch past edge of your shoes (while you are standing, not sitting).


14. Shorter men should wear un cuffed pant legs.

15. Taller men should wear cuffed pant legs.


Mens Business Clothing

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