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Mens Brush Cut, A Little longer And Spikier

mens brush cut
mens brushcut
men brush cuts

Mens Short Haircuts

Are you a man who is looking for an easy wash and wear hair cut? Have you thought about the men's brush cut? In this type of cut, the sides and the back are cut short and tapered. The back is generally cut at the same length, following the shape of one's head.

mens brush cutsThe top is styled in an upward direction, usually in a mouse type style, thus resembling the bristles of a brush (hence the name). If this reminds you of a crew cut, it is similar, but has a little bit more edge to it.

This type of cut will give you a sophisticated look and will keep your hair totally out of your way. This style is great for the man on the go, for the busy construction worker, even the hard working athlete or any man from every walk of life.

There has been many celebrities or at least well known people who have been spotted sporting this look. One such beloved star and wearer of many hairstyles who has worn this look is Mr. Brad Pit. Back when he was sporting it, many of men were copying it as well.

Most men from all walks of life from the business man and lawyer, to even the past want to be hippies, are preferring shorter cuts today than they have in the past few years.

Some are tired of the upkeep that longer hair styles needs or do not have the time to maintain them. Some have come to the conclusion that shorter hair is more clean cut.

Some have cut their hair for professional reasons. Some have even cut their hair because the women in their lives prefer it shorter. Some have even realized that sporting shorter hair made them feel more energized and even look younger than they had with longer hair.

Yet, it doesn't have to be just men who wears this cut. The mens brush cut would look good on a teenager and even a young boy. Since it is takes little maintenance many teenagers and young boys would probably find the cut a great choice considering that most have very hectic lives.

How should a man maintain the style of a brush cut. He can do it very easily. Shampoo. Rinse. Condition. Air Dry. Run some mouse or styling gel though the spiked edges and then go on with your day.

Of course, you can spice the look up even more by adding a touch of highlights. Highlights are not just for women. Highlights are for anyone who wants to add a little bit of light and color to what could potentially be considered just a drab hair color.

Another plus, with wearing your hair in a short style such as the mens brush cut is that people, especially women, can see your face. Most women enjoy this pleasure. Plus, they may enjoy running how your short hair feels to their fingers.

If you are looking for a new style and are ready for a short hair cut, the brush cut may be the one for you.
Enjoy Mens Brush Cuts

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Mens Brush Cut

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