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Mens Black Mohawks

mens long black mohawk hairstyle tonex

The African American population has a number of hairstyles and cuts that can be easily achieved open to them.

In recent years, during the punk era, many blacks decided that they wanted to experiment with the looks that reflected this particular scene.

One of the hairstyles that many males wanted to sport was the Mohawk.

Unfortunately, it took a little time with the experiment before the steps were established on how to successfully perform this particular style.

If you are interested in black Mohawk hairstyles, you are sure to find interest in this particular article. Here, you will discover the steps that are necessary to achieve this look.

First, it is important to ensure that the hair is cut for the overall look. You should have the hair trimmed short to the head.

Many men elect to put some designs on the side of the head in order to add to the overall appearance of the black Mohawk hairstyle.

You may shave up thin lines that are horizontal, vertical, and/or shaped in a zig zag fashion.

The top middle of the head should contain long hair that can be used to create the Mohawk.

This should be anywhere between four and ten inches long depending on the height of the Mohawk that you are attempting to achieve.

mens long black mohawk hairstyle tonex

Styling Techniques

Once you have achieved the right haircut for the black Mohawk style, you are ready to move on to the next step. Below are detailed steps that will help you achieve this look.

  • The first thing that you will want to do is to apply a hair relaxant in the hair on the top of the head. This will allow you the flexibility of designing and styling the Mohawk that you will be sporting. This product neutralizes the hair so that it can be styled quite easily.
  • Many men will apply a simple mousse to the hair so that it can retain a hold. If you elect to do this, it is important to ensure that you place a generous amount of this product in the hair.
  • Once this step has been achieved, you can take a hair dryer and a pick and blow dry the Mohawk in an upwards manner. This will provide a comfortable black Mohawk and not a pointy, stiff Mohawk that can prove to be "80’s”. This relaxed Mohawk defines the new millennium.
  • Once you have the black Mohawk hairstyle in place, you should use a light amount of hairspray in order to hold it in place. Now, you are ready to turn heads and get people talking!
  • If you want to compliment the new look that you have created, you should consider implementing a goatee or a beard.

You may choose a simple mustache, or just some basic sideburns. It has been discovered that facial hair can truly compliment the overall appearance of an individual.

As you can see, creating mens black mohawks can be relatively easy to achieve. If you are looking for a new, cutting-edge look that will set trends, then this is it!

For added effects to the black Mohawk hairstyles, you may even consider implementing the use of hair dye and extensions.

A braid extension that dangles over the shoulder may really set this particular style off.

Justice Mens Black Mohawk

Justice, celebrity star on he Gladiator wears a much shorter mohawk, if you want a mohawk that is lower maintenance than the long style of Tonex, this is your best choice of the mens mohawks.

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