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Mens Black Braids

Hairstyles For Black Men

There is just something unique about a black man with a braid. It makes him stand out and it makes him get noticed. Does it have something to do with his heritage or does the look just say that this man has more imagination and more flare than most men, even most African American men?

Whatever the reason is, you can be sure you will notice and you may even be envious of his braids. An African American man does not have to wait for his hair to grow long to enjoy this style, either.

The look of short black braids are not only popular they are fashionable and considered sophisticated and well kept looking.

Why does an African American man's hair braid so well? It could be because most African American men have curly to slightly curly hair.

The curl makes it possible for the braids to last a long time. This is another reason why braids may appeal to these men. Once they are styled, they can remain this way for a long period of time.

Yet, they do require a little upkeep, like any hairstyle does. Of course, you need to shampoo regularly, just take extra care. You should also think about conditioning your hair.

A conditioner with tee tree oil is a great choice. Tee tree oil is known for having properties in it that contains anti-inflammatory, anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties. These are important because the scalp does take a beating because of the braids. Plus, tee tree oil will make the hair shine. Shiny hair is always a plus.

Most men who have these short braids, have had these styled professionally. It would be hard to almost impossible for a man to braid his own hair in this style.

How does a stylist go about styling the hair in such a short braid, sometimes referred to as micro braid? First, the stylist will dampen the hair.

Dampen hair is usually easier to work with than dry hair. The braiding process, itself, will begin close to the scalp. The braids will also have to be tightly woven or they will not stay in place very long. The stylist may add some styling gel to the braid to also help keep the braids in place.

As for the styling itself, the hair will be parted into sections (generally three) and the hair that is not being styled at the moment, will be gently pushed out of the way.

This gives the stylist a clear path to run the braid along the scalp. Each braid will begin with a small section of hair. The stylist won't want to pick up too much hair at once or the braid will not look right. The braid can be clipped off with anything you wish.

This process can be a slow one. But it is well worth it when you see the end results.

If you are an African American, with short hair, and wish to try this hairstyle. Don't forget to condition on occasion and if you must blow dry, use the lowest setting possible. Preventing breakage and keeping your hair moisturized is the key to keeping your hair healthy while wearing it in the popular short braid fashion.


Mens Black Braids

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