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Mens Bedhead Hairstyles ~ Casey Affleck Style

mens bedhead hairstyles casey affleckFor men, the year 2008 seems to be the perfect time to try out new takes on old favorites when it comes to hairstyles.

Men’s bed head hairstyles are the rage right now, thanks in no small part to hot male celebrities such as Casey Affleck who sports a very stylish men’s bed head hairstyle.

The men’s bed head hairstyle that Casey Affleck wears is simply a variation of a typical men’s crop with some texture.

The exact haircut that men have been sporting for years- however with a modern touch that makes it stand out like never before.

Men’s bed head hairstyles are perfect for those guys who want to be noticed with a trendy hairstyle yet at the same time retain a look of sophistication.


Casey Affleck’s men’s bed head hairstyle features subtle layering throughout that renders the messy look without allowing the overall hairstyle to come off as sloppy.

The beauty of a men’s bed head hairstyle like Casey’s is that your ‘average’ male can see himself in a look just like this.

A great bed head hairstyle for men will work well with the natural texture of your hair. Maintaining your look is simple, easy and no fuss at all. In fact, all you need is a touch of pomade and your fingers to get the look of this hairstyle perfect.

Although an easily adaptable hairstyle for any face shape, this men’s bed head hairstyle will call extra attention to guy’s who have oval or diamond face shapes.

The ease of caring for a men’s bed head hairstyle is astounding, you won’t believe how little time it takes to pull your look together when you are sporting a bed head hairstyle like Casey Affleck’s for men.


Easy To Style Casy Affleck's Look

style steps Wash your hair with products designed for your hair type
style steps Towel dry roughly
style steps Work a dab of styling paste through your hair and arrange your locks as desired with your fingers.

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Mens Bedhead Hairstyles

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