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Men's 1950s Haircuts And Hairstyles Gallery

1950 mens haircut
1950s mens haircut
mens 50s hairstyle
mens 1950 haircut

1950s Hairstyles And Haircuts For Men

When people discuss hairstyles, it is a common misconception that men's hairstyles do not really bear much discussion, though in truth, the hairstyles sported by men through the decades have changed as much as those of women.

mens classic 1950s haircutDuring the 1940s, the war years created an aesthetic that was rather sleek and spare, though still meticulously styled.

The most common style for men during the 1940's can most easily be summed up as being of medium length and swept back from the face.

Within this general stricture, men would do all sorts of styling to get the shape that most complemented their looks.

Some men would indulge in a sharp side part that was made to show up quite starkly through dark hair, while other men would simply comb their hair straight back, using various types of styling creams to get it to hold its shape.

mens 1950s hairstyles back viewOne way that the hair could be cut to accomplish this style was to make sure that it was cut fairly short on the sides and significantly longer in back.

This would allow for a fairly neat and tidy look that revealed the ears and give some room for some styling on top.

Some men preferred to avoid the straight flat sweep of hair and instead chose to style it into a large wave, which was a style that was fairly common in young boys of the time. Men who had more time might even style several small waves into their hair.

The hallmark of this time period when it came to hair for men was a very sharp, extremely styled look It is easy to think that the phrase, not a hair out of place came from this era, given how tidied it was meant to be.

In terms of facial hair, most men favored a very clean shaven look.

It is interesting to note that this classic style has seen a resurrection in the fashion pages. If you take a look at male stars today, you can see the same styling principles coming back into play, and the slicked back, highly styled look continues to give me a wonderfully neat demeanor.

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