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Menopause Testing

Menopause Testing

Menopause Self-Diagnosing At Home

Did you know you can determine if you have reached the menopause by using medical home tests?

Local drugstores sell all kinds of home test kits to help people become aware of certain medical conditions, and the best thing is that they do not require a trip to a medical facility.

Are Menopause Home Test Kits Recommended?

The option of home testing is subject to intense debate as some experts do not believe in the efficiency and accuracy of these tests.

Regardless of some people's doubts, the public likes the idea of being able to verify their own health and establish a diagnosis by themselves without involving a medical doctor.

There is a wide selection of home tests available, and amongst them there are also menopause test kits.

The first test meant to diagnose menopause was approved by the FDA about 9 years ago.

The test is based on determining the urine levels of the FSH hormone which is known to increase during the menopause as a sign of the reduced functionality of the ovaries.

Menopause Test Kits

Menopause test kits contain a test stick on which urine is to be applied.

The compounds found on the test stick react with the hormone, changing the color of the stick as a way of telling that the FHS levels are elevated.

Increased FHS shows that the woman's ovaries are not capable of producing eggs anymore, and thus, the menstrual cycle disappears as well.

The accuracy of these tests is said to be about 94%, and can be found on the internet at very affordable prices of under $20.00

Menopause Lifestyle

Consult Your Doctor for a More Accurate Test

The experts do not recommend home tests for menopause because FHS levels are not always accurate factors in determining whether a woman has reached menopause or not.

To diagnose menopause, a woman has to be without a menstrual period for at least 12 months. FHS levels are known to fluctuate, therefore they cannot be held reliable in assessing the menopause.

Instead of performing an at home testing for menopause, women are advised to visit a medical doctor who can determine accurate FSH levels.

A serum FSH level is a lot more recommended than a urine FSH, and you can also discuss with the doctor about the symptoms which led you to believe you have reached the menopause.

Another reason as to why you need to check your condition with your doctor is because you may experience menopause symptoms due to other reasons as well.

If you have reached the menopause, your doctor will be able to advise you on how to maintain a healthy bone density and to decrease the hot flushes that commonly occur during menopause.

The conclusion is that women shouldn't rely on menopause home test kits if they need to determine their condition.

They should simply visit a medical specialist who can accurately determine the state of their health and to advise them how to make the menopause a less difficult period.

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Menopause Testing
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