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Menopause Memory Loss

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A Symptom To Forget!

You still may have lists of your lists, books to keep up with things and a palm pilot, Google calendar and Dell Axim. Still, you may be plagued by forgetfulness and menopause memory loss.

Not just forgetfulness - walking into a room and having no idea why you just went there. You start to surf to places and forget where you were going by the time you get there.

I am told this is normal. I am also told there are a few things we can do about menopause memory loss. First and foremost, keep exercising your mind.

Doing crossword puzzles and Sudoku helps chase the foggies away. When you get somewhere not knowing why, and you stop -- almost going into a meditative state -- and quietly wait for the thoughts to return.

It is nerve wracking at times, but there are things that can help.

Cardio vascular and stretching exercises help. What's cardio? Walking, playing tennis, swimming, dancing and anything that gets you off your buns and up and moving.

It increases your energy, increases oxygen to your brain, and increases blood circulation.

This helps to improve and maintain your body and brain at a higher level. Remember that commercial where they were blowing dust off somebody's brain?

Like I said, there are also mental exercises. If you are always losing your car in the mall, stop and concentrate before you leave it.

Instead of riding all over the mall parking lot in that little security vehicle with a laughing security guard, take a good minute and concentrate on where you are.

Half of your problem may be that you are so busy trying to hang on to all of your thoughts about what you are about to do, you forget where you are!. That can include your car, your keys and even your coat.

With menopause, you are already fighting hormonal changes: mood swings, irritation with life, sudden crying, hot flashes, lowered libido et. al.

So, you need to take time to focus on your car's location so that you don't add that to your list of sudden stresses that turn you into a complete blithering idiot.

Remember a little effort up front can work wonders. Add a natural resource which supports the healthy functioning of the brain and nervous system, thereby helping to maintain memory and optimum performance.

Emotional Menopause Symptoms

Tips To Help You Through Memory Loss

Increase your protein, try to drink a high protein beverage such as V-8 juice or green tea.

Have you ever gone to a movie, watched the whole thing and felt affected by what happened. The next day somebody asks you what it was about and you draw a blank.

To help improve your memory, play a mental game that will sharpen you up and help you in conversations.

As you leave the theater, ask yourself about the plot. What happened? Try and recall what the best scene and the worst scene was in the movie.

As the credits roll by, concentrate on who played each character.

The next day you might not remember the whole cast, but you'll at least get the main stars correct . . . well, maybe. You should be able to at least come up with the plot.

Try and add a lot of beans, lentils and legumes to your diet. Avoid soy; it doesn't help memory loss with menopause.

Other things that can affect your memory includes:

  • Anemia (Iron, see your doctor, more meat)
  • Sedentary lifestyle (get up)
  • Poor diet (Join a group that's dieting to help re-teach or teach yourself how to eat correctly)
  • Nutrasweet (fogs you up, avoid it.)

There is also phosphadyl serine which is recommended to alleviate menopause memory loss; however, before trying it or any vitamin advertised to improve memory, check with your doctor.

Keep those memo pads, post-it notes and notebooks handy, but to that add a bit of exercise, some meditation, concentration and a dash of focus.

Don't worry, your car will still be there when the mall closes and everybody leaves. You'll probably be able to find it around 11p.m. or midnight.
Just kidding.

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Menopause Memory Loss
Author Tanna Mayer
Updated January 5, 2013

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