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Need help transitioning from your safe peaceful lifestyle to a menopause lifestyle? Menopause is a natural progression of a woman's life.

There will be symptoms that occur, during menopause, which women speak of seldom and can leave you feeling alone and embarrassed.

It is important for you to know, you are not alone and there is no need for embarrassment. Menopause is a real time when a woman's body changes both emotionally and physically. 

Have An Easier Life
As You Go Through Menopause

While we may be the common symptoms of hot flashes and headaches we commonly speak about, other symptoms that also occur do not receive the needed stellar coverage.

Sexual dysfunction, vaginal dryness and emotional swings are all a part of this new menopause lifestyle and they happen to all women.

Menopause can happen to women in their thirties, as well as, women in their sixties and seventies.

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The Three Stages of Menopause


The first stage of menopause is perimenopause and many women can have signs of it years before they have their last menstrual cycle.

When perimenopause starts, women will be aware of obvious changes happening to their body. Perimenopause most often precedes the onset of full-blown menopause. 

While not as severe, perimenopausal symptoms can be a clear hint of the physical and mental symptoms that will appear with full menopausal onset.


Menopause is a woman's second stage which is a year without your having a menstrual cycle.


Post Menopause is the last stage of menopause. Women experiences changes in sexual desire, decreased or irregular periods, mood swings and vaginal dryness before going through menopause can take these symptoms as a sign of impending change.

Many women decide to begin low levels of hormone replacement therapy during the perimenopause stage, while others use a more natural approach to curb symptoms and help them through the menopause lifestyle.

Various aromatherapies and exercise like yoga and walking can help treat the symptoms of anxiety and mood changes. 

Vaginal dryness, on the other hand, is common to treat naturally with the use of vaginal lubricants and sprays.

Yes, We Can Talk About It

Age And Menopause

Early Premenopausal Symptoms
Premenopausal symptoms may come early, PMS or premenstrual syndrome can start as early as 37.

Age Factors
Menopause can begin any time for women, from their 30s or well into their mid 50s or even later.

There are a number of women who experience menopause as early as forty.

You will experience the first symptoms of menopause while in this stage.

Post Menopause
A test that measures FHS, or "Follicle Stimulating" hormone can determine if your are in the post menopause stage.

Nutrition And Diet

It has recently been researched and discovered that many women suffering from menopause symptoms have received relief by paying close attention.

Weight Gain During Menopause
One of the most frequent complaints associated with menopause is weight gain.

Accepting Menopause

Menopause is a reality of every woman's life. The changes mark a new time and era for a woman. An era with increased awareness and understanding of some of the most intimate sides of life. 

While no one wants to sit down and talk about a dry vagina or bleeding teeth, it happens to us all.

A woman's body changes and transforms with time and will need a bit more care and understanding as menopause approaches and strikes us all. 

While the road in life women must walk on may be a bumpy one, it is one filled with changes and experiences that are remarkable.

Only by understanding our bodies and the changes they go through can we understand the wonder that is women.

Laughter can be the best medicine for this new menopause lifestyle, look at the lighter side with jokes, poems, stories, and quotes about menopause and enjoy having the last laugh.

Emotional  Symptoms

If you are feeling agitated or losing emotional control often an early diagnosis can help prevent more severe symptoms.

A symptom of menopause can be effects on your levels of concentration. You can help improve your concentration and treat low concentration levels.

If you are having bad days often you may be dealing with a depressive order. A depressive disorder differs from ordinary sadness by the duration and severity. 

Every Emotion
Are you having emotional hot flashes? There are over 34 symptoms of menopause.

Long term irritability when women are during their middle years can cause problems and prove to be very interruptive and confusing.

Memory Loss
Memory loss and confusion are also symptoms of Menopause, Tips and advice for keeping your memory sharp through your Menopausal years.

Mood Swings
If you laugh one moment and cry hysterically the next, you might be having menopause mood swings. Take heart. It's just your hormones.

Panic Attacks
Hormones in menopausal women play a major role in anxiety and disorder and while unpleasant, are part of the process.

During Menopause stress levels can be intense, help to learn how to avoid stress and lower your stress levels.

Physical Symptoms

Itchy skin can appear on your breasts, face, legs, feet, scalp, just about any body area. Try some of these options for relief instead of scratching and itching your way through menopause.

Constipation is an uncomfortable symptom of menopause, know the causes and simple changes in diet that can bring you relief.

Surgical Menopause

Surgical Menopause
Surgical menopause is a condition where a woman enters menopause, not through natural means, but through surgical removal of the ovaries, Fallopian tubes, or uterus.

Natural Menopause Treatments

Black Cohosh Menopause 
Black Cohosh is a natural herb that is widely used in the treatment and management of menopause symptoms.

Many women who experience menopause search for alternative treatments to soothe the symptoms of the condition.

Menopause Tests

Menopause Test
Pro -  The best way to determine if a woman has ceased to ovulate and is in menopause is through a menopause test.

Menopause Testing
Con - Should you use a home menopause test kit?

Women's Signs And Symptoms Of Menopause
You may think you have all the information on menopause one woman can handle.

Your Nutritional Needs

With the onset of menopause, women will need to change their nutritional focus to improve calcium absorption and prevent a future case of osteoporosis.

No one wants to live their later years with a hump comparable to the famed man of Notre Dame.

Calcium supplements and exercise can and will help to stop calcium and bone loss during the menopause lifestyle. 

Hang in there and take these changes for the better, you are not the only changing woman, I can assure you.

A Time Of Change

With menopause also come a few not so beautiful changes, as well. You hair may fall out or become coarse in nature. 

No more Pantene commercials for the post menopausal woman. You may even notice bleeding gums when you are brushing your teeth.

These changes are more shocking in the beginning stages of menopause and will, with time, subside. 

Upholding a good diet and exercise routine and taking a daily vitamin aimed at women over 50 (no matter your menopausal age) will help you body to regain some of its younger composure.

As a woman moves from perimenopause into menopause, hormone replacement therapies can help treat hot flashes, bone loss, mood swings, irritability, and menopause migraines. 

With synthetic hormone replacement comes an increased risk of heart disease and cancer.

Women who are uncomfortable with even the slightest chance of this increased risk can turn to a homeopathic cocktail of soy and flax. 

Natural teas created from black cohosh, clover, nettles and motherwort can tame the wild menopause beast as well.

Nothing soothes more than a refreshing warm cup of tea, ladies. The end choice will have to be the menopausal woman's. 

Weighing both against each other will help to see both the pros and cons of each before making a final choice.

Hormones And Menopause

Menopause And Heart Disease
Early menopause can put a woman at risk for heart disease, consult your doctor about HRT, Hormone Replacement Therapy to protect your heart.

Natural Estrogen
For women who are dealing with menopause symptoms, natural estrogen is heaven sent.

FSH Menopause
Detecting the Follicle Stimulating Hormone, an FSH menopause test can be administered at home or by a health care provider.
Menopause Periods
When it comes to periods and menopause, many women are relieved that they will finally have an end to their monthly cycle.

Menopause Humor

Menopause Humor

Menopause Poems

Physical Signs And Symptoms
You will experience many physical changes and symptoms as your chemical and hormone balances are out of whack.

Acne is a common menopause symptom and your hormone changes and fluctuations during menopause bring on this skin condition.

From rashes and hives to anaphylactic shock, the long term results can include increased acne, rosacea and psoriasis as well as seborrhea dermatitis.

During menopause, some women experience the somewhat uncomfortable feeling of being waterlogged or bloated.

Breast Pain
Your breasts may feel sore and tender during menopause, with pain ranging from mild, moderate, to intense.

One of the many menopause symptoms that women experience is cramping. Learn some important details regarding cramping and menopause.

If you are experiencing dizziness this information will help you understand the causes of this menopause symptom.

Menopause is a time when your fingernails may need extra attention, symptoms can be dry and brittle or itchy and cracked fingernails.

Gastrointestinal Distress
Menopause may be a time you will experience symptoms of gas, bloating, and uncomfortable indigestion, the causes and treatments.

Hair Loss
During menopause you may experience hair loss, thinning hair, or changes in your hair texture.

Headaches are common menopause symptoms. You can control menopause headaches, first know the causes and then your treatment options.

Hot Flashes
A menopause symptom many women know well, information on what causes your hot flashes and how you can find relief from this most uncomfortable symptom.

There are many causes for insomnia that is associated with menopause, however, sweating and hot flashes are the two most prominent causes for this condition.

Joint Pain
Aches and pains in your joints and muscles are common menopause symptoms for many women. You can find relief in natural herbal remedies.

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