Menopause Libido Changes

Many women experience a low libido during Menopause and this is something that has only recently lost its stigma and come into the light like men's erectile dysfunction.

However, it has been a long standing problem for women going through menopause or decreased libido after menopause.

During menopause hormones are shifting, estrogen levels are changing and with it, women feel the effects both in added discomfort and decreased interest in sex.

The effects during menopause can include a drying in the vaginal area, loss of bulk in the breast, lack of elasticity in the skin along with hot flashes, night sweats, increased nervousness and the myriad of other symptoms that comes with the menopausal process.

It's Natural For Your Libido To Decrease

Let's face it. With all of that negative action taking place, libido naturally decreases. Add to that hormonal changes and it's a wonder that a woman wants to have sex at all.

This is, however, mostly a temporary problem experienced during menopause. It doesn't remain a problem that hangs around post menopause.

There is also no scientific or anecdotal evidence that suggests that a woman won't enjoy great sex after menopause.

Is There Sex After Menopause?

In actuality, a number of studies have found that post-menopausal women have a great enjoyment of sex and an increased libido and new found relaxation due to not having to worry about contraception, pregnancy and the like.

There are also evidence that some women become more orgasmic after this period, while others undergo a decrease after menopause and don't enjoy sex as much.

In other words, it's a crap shoot. You can come out of the menopause tunnel with either an enhanced or decreased sex drive.

It puts you in mind of Forrest Gump, where life (and in this case, libido) is like a box of chocolates. You never know what you'll get when you reach for one.

menopause libido

During menopause libido can transfer into night sweats and hot flashes that do everything to destroy a romantic mood and relaxed atmosphere.

Add to that the ever popular vaginal dryness and thinning of the vaginal lining that causes increased sensitivity and easy irritation, you might find yourself suggesting a game of cards and a cold shower for him rather than attempting the feat.

Take heart. All is not lost. While some women complain of a complete loss of sexual desire during and after menopause, with correct guidance, knowledge and a little patience, there is no reason why it can't be worked through.

A natural product for increasing a woman's libido and sex drive during and after menopause is Thanda Boost.

Increasing Your Sex Drive

The sexual desire changes in menopausal and post-menopausal women. It is still there, but needs to be coaxed to the surface.

With a patient partner and a little more foreplay, both you and your partner can enjoy a good sex life that goes on into your senior years.

Menopause is another word for change. It changes the dynamic of a relationship as well as the hormones and body parts of the person experiencing it.

Keeping that in mind, try different things until you hit upon something that works.

Female Menopause Concerns

Author: Tanna Mayer
Updated: June 19, 2015

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