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Menopause Humor

Menopausal Humor

Take a humorous approach to the menopausal lifestyle through menopause poetry and poem, first hand stories, quotes, and jokes.

Hot flashes can be frightening to us women, as we begin our menopausal stage of life and all the symptoms that go with it.

This section will offer you a lighthearted and healthy perspective and help you to turn panic into laughter.

Drastic mood swings, racing pulse, and huge fluctuations in body temperature may not be our idea of fun.

Perhaps taking a lighthearted look at this rite of passage can help you turn panic into laughter, which can be the best medicine.

The true wisdom of menopause may just be in a lighthearted menopause joke!

The Attack

By Linda Ann Nickerson

My skin is clammy, hot and cold;
My pulse begins to quicken.
Unrest has got a stranglehold;
I’m simply panic-stricken.
With thumping pressure in my chest,
My vision’s turning blurry.
Is it a cardiac arrest,
Or just a case of worry?
A fevered cramp contains my brain,
As chills convulse my form.
I simply cannot bear the pain;
I long to be lukewarm.
Pick up the phone! call 9-1-1!
My body starts to thrash.
The storm subsides, a hit-and-run,
A flying wild hot flash.

Menopause Lifestyle

The Daze of Change

By Linda Ann Nickerson

Phone call, brick wall,
Pitfall, curtain call,
Days stall, notes scrawl.
Man, I've gotta do it all!
Walking numbly to my car
I think I left the door ajar.
The fog has wrapped around my head,
And I feel nothing. Am I dead?
My heart is racing, every beat;
Did someone just turn up the heat?
Then suddenly, I'm feeling freezing;
Grab my brain. I think it's seizing.
Did I forget to punch the clock,
Unplug the iron, match my socks?
What happened to my ready mind,
Or have I left it all behind?
I lost my sense to no just cause;
Just rack it up to menopause.

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Menopause Humor
Tanna Mayer
Updated January 7, 2013

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