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Menopause Hot Flashes Need Flash Fast Relief

MelloPause For Safe Natural Relief From Menopause Hot Flashes

Hot flashes during menopause are one of the best known symptoms that women experience.
As a result of chemicals and hormonal changes during the menopausal process,
hot flashes and night sweats are a common result.

menopause womanHot flashes during menopause are one of the best known symptoms that women experience. As a result of chemicals and hormonal changes during the menopausal process, hot flashes and night sweats are a common result.

A woman's body produces less estrogen and progesterone during this period and sudden sweats and heat are the outcome.

A woman's body received a series of mixed signals and thinks that the temperature and climate is changing, that it is suddenly very hot.

Blood vessels swell and contract on a repeated basis in an unpredictable manner. The outcome - a hot flash. {hot flush} These are enhanced because of an increase in blood flow within the body in reaction to hormonal changes. It can range from mild to severe and can be accompanied by headaches, dizziness, exhaustion and feelings of weakness.

Some women flush when they get a hot flash which is a sudden reddening of tone as well as an increased heart rate and blood flow near the skin level.

Results can vary with the body's temperature rising a number of degrees and, as well, it can fall just as suddenly. These changes can sometimes be frightening as the body's core decreases dramatically due to hormonal imbalance and can cause a body to feel "chilled" right after the hot flash.

Hot Flash Alert

Hot flashes are common during hot weather or when a women is put under a lot of stress. With increased weather temperatures, flashes can be augmented by the body's internal temperature. Hot flashes usually last between 2 - 3 minutes, but the feeling of heat can hang around for up to a half an hour or more.

Menopause hot flashes come on very quickly with little warning, leaving the sufferer with a general feeling of discomfort. It is thought that hot flashes actually kill of bacteria and harmful cells in the body, although this is purely anecdotal and not supported by the medical community.

Hot flashes are another of nature's ways of coping with hormonal changes that come with the menopause process. There are many variables and no really defined distinction between the degree of severity that a woman will experience.

There are now a host of prescription medications designed to minimize menopause symptoms that do not involve hormonal replacement therapy. Drugs normally prescribed for other symptoms like depression have proven to be quite effective at limiting hot flash frequency and severity.

Natural Relief For Hot Flashes

I found relief from hot flashes using Mellopause by Native Remedies, which also can be used as a natural treatment for other menopause symptoms such as insomnia, moodiness, restlessness and irritability.

Menopause hot flashes usually start with heat that begins in the chest and moves up the neck into the facial area. The face gets hot and make look "flushed". That's why hot flashes are sometimes referred to as "flushes". It can come with red splotches that come on the neck and face accompanied with sweating on the forehead and down the back of the neck.

Many women feel an overall feeling of warmth, while others notice that their hands and feet are cold as the remainder of their body heats up.

The Day's Hot Flashes Turn Into
The Night's Night Sweats

Hot flashes can occur during the day, sometimes triggered by external temperatures and stress. They can also come at night and are referred to as night sweats which can disrupt sleep and cause a great deal of frustration.

Women experiencing hot sweats will perspire to the point where they wake up in pools of perspiration.

Night sweats can cause a higher level of stress in women because they not only disrupt sleep, but cause chills afterwards. Not to mention a soaking wet bed that requires attention.

While the constant is that most women will experience heat and hot flashes at some time during menopause, it is perfectly natural and like many other symptoms, just a sign of the menopause process.

Menopause Hot Flashes

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