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Menopause body odor does not usually get the same coverage as hot flashes or other expected menopause symptoms. At best, there is just a bad joke about it.  What's That Smell? Oh, Just My Armpits, Again {sigh} Yes, we've reached that famous joke that's not so funny when you are going through menopause.

Menopause Body Odor Stay Huggable

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What to do about the menopause body odor? While traditionally body odor has been blamed on perspiration, it actually isn't the cause of body odor. Perspiration is odorless. 

We can blame menopause body odor on those tiny, little bacteria, specifically, anaerobic bacteria. Anaerobic bacteria flourishes and abounds in the bodies of menopausal ladies. 

It's growing because your body isn't getting enough oxygen, your metabolism is working on overdrive and your body is ridding itself of waste products caused by hormonal imbalances.

This can wreck all kinds of odorous havoc on you causing menopause body odor that can include foot odor, sweaty and smelly hands, bad breath and the dreaded armpit wafting. 

Yes, waste products are oozing out of your body; toxins are escaping and no amount of deodorant will cover it up.

Before you open all the windows in the dead of winter or banish your body permanently to the shower, here's some information on menopause body odor that will both educate and give you alternatives to leaving your body at home when you go into a crowd.

First, your liver and intestines may be clogged which can cause all kinds of emanations through your skin and out of your mouth.

You are going to want to try a detoxification program, yes, I know you are not taking drugs, but you are actually detoxing from dietary imbalances which have resulted in constipation, magnesium or since deficiency and it's all ended up in your smelliness. Increase your water intake by gallons to help flush out those impurities.

Your Body Chemistry Is Changing

Body chemistry plays a big role in body odor, and individuals who eat large amounts of meat or are vegetarians have a discernible body odor which can be offensive to some.  Many menopausal women don't metabolize eggs or fish as well as they could and end up smelling like their dinner. 

Another biggie for a lot of people, not just women in menopause, are folks who don't digest onions, garlic, spicy foods and stuff containing curry. Fried foods can convert into the person who ate it smelling kind of funky.

Underarm and pelvic area secretions that can cause major body odor. Because of excess protein, carbs and lipids, people may wind up smelling like their sex hormones are surging.

This usually will happen during high stress moments which is probably the worst time to be thinking about how you smell. Another strange occurrence - drinking soda from plastic bottles can lead to estrogen overload.

Common Causes Of Menopause Body Odor

There are many causes of excessive sweating:

  • low blood sugar
  • parasites 
  • metabolism problems
  • emotional stress 
  • diabetes
  • liver disease 
  • an overabundance of refined sugar (this feeds bacteria and fungus on skin)

Now that you know what causes your problems, here are some tips that will help alleviate them.


You Too Can Be Underarm Odor Free

Try this. Use a mild mixture of hydrogen peroxide (3%) and water. Wash the underarm. If 3% doesn't work increase the amount of peroxide, but don't go overboard.

Explore the steam baths or saunas. Since you are trying to detox, you will need to sweat a bit to get the overdose of waste products out of your system.

Daily Bathing Or Showering

Yes, it sounds stupid, but don't overlook the obvious. Bathing removes bacteria from your skin. Concentrate on your armpits and pelvic area where there is probably a ton of bacteria. Scrub your armpits, using a soapy washcloth. It will work for armpits, groin and hands. 

Take some time in your bath or shower. This is not one of those, "I have to get to work, let me run through the water" showers. You want to take time.

There is also no rule that says you are allowed only 1 shower or bath a day. Take as many as you need to feel fresh and comfortable. Try a shower in the morning and a evening bath.

Wash With Deodorant Soap

Another simple thing which can be overlooked, For now forget those foo-foo bath gels. Go for the true deodorant soap, soak for at least 15 minutes if you can. This is going to sound silly, but it kind of makes sense. For extreme body odor, add three cups of tomato juice.

I told you it was going to sound ridiculous. But, remember, it works on you and your cats and dogs who have been hit with "Ye Olde Skunk Smell." Guess what, your body odor isn't nearly that bad.

Clean and Febreze your clothing.

And don't wear that tight, high stress clothing look. Go for something a bit loose to allow your body the opportunity to breathe.  You ever wear that scratchy, turtleneck sweater that looked "Oh, so marvelous" on the mannequin. Well, during menopause, even if you are skinny as a toothpick, leave it on the mannequin.  While you are at it, avoid synthetic fabrics which don't allow you to breathe. Think cotton, cotton, cotton.

Make Some Changes In Your Diet

Cut back and sometimes cut out these foods on a regular basis: exotic spices, garlic, coffee and definitely alcohol. See if it makes any difference in your heat and smell level. Oh, and if you smoke, now is the time to quit. It just adds to the overall menopause body odor thing, not to mention, it is deadly. 

Add Supplements

You can also add supplements which are known to reduce body odor to your daily regimen including magnesium, chlorophyll tablets, Vitamins A, B and Zinc.

On the whole, there are a number of ways to cut body odor, and there's surely one thing out there that will work for you. 

One sure thing you need to do is stress about it less. Stress makes you sweat, and heat make bacteria grow and spread. Relax, you are not the only woman to struggle with menopause body odor.

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