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Menopause And Itching

Menopause And Itching

This hotly debated topic of menopause and itching is at odds between the medical community and menopausal women suffering from the condition.

Itching Symptoms

Itching during menopause is something that many healthcare professionals feel is all in the woman's head.

But for the woman plagued by almost unbearable bouts of itching which can, in some cases, last for years, hearing that it's a figment of their imagination is not something they're prepared to accept.

This condition can have a sudden onset and include itchy eyes, armpits, legs, arms and thighs. It has been described as a crawling sensation like insects are marching across you, and it is not fun.

One of my friends just walked up to me and complained that itching and hot flashes were driving her nuts.

While it was episodic, she associated it with hormonal imbalances and the fact that she was in menopause and couldn't take hormone replacement therapy.

She had tried all of the soy products; she didn't smoke or consume a ton of caffeine. She said that her only denominator was that her doctor told her that the hot flashes were due to menopause.

He attributed the itching to allergies. She's high strung, and all I could suggest was meditation. Sometimes that's all that left.

Allergic reactions have sometimes been blamed for these episodes and suggestions to quit smoking, cut caffeine and take up meditation to reduce stress have been common.

One thing all these itchy female sufferers seem to have in common is that they are in menopause of going into menopause.

When faced with this annoying to mind wrecking condition, the first stop is to visit your doctor to try and get some explanation, advice and hopefully medication to alleviate the situation.

Women have dealt with this condition in many different ways - grin and bear it, wait for it to leave, utilize distractions and like.

Some resort to showers with different levels of success. There have also been some homeopathic remedies that have proven successful.

Detoxing has also been used and while it has given some relief, it's not the first choice.

One thing that has been known to help is adding extra moisturizing lotion, which is not totally effective, but it is based on the idea that one's skin is very dry during menopause, so resorting to topical solutions works.

Physical Menopause Symptoms

Hot Flashes

Menopause and itching episodes seem to come along with hot flashes. So, not only are you sweating, frantic and hot, you also can start itching.

The itching can be attributed to dry skin, but it can also hang around for long periods of time. Dry skin during menopause is due to lowered levels of estrogen.

While hormone replacement therapy can decrease the symptoms, it is not a woman's first choice these days and many are looking for alternative treatments.

One thing you should do if you are beset by episodes of itching is to suffer in silence. The Internet is full of forums and women who are suffering and sharing things that they've tried to get relief.

Consider joining a women's health forum or doing a search on natural remedies and then trying some you feel comfortable with.

Many women have found relief using Itch Dr. a natural cream with soothing properties.

Be sure to read label directions when you recieve your product. Not all things work for all women, but if you don't try anything, you will be itching alone.

Read some of the posts, articles and give it a shot. At the very worst, you'll make new friends who have a similar condition, and something might work.

If you are worried about being laughed at, sign up with a pseudonym and talk your frustrations away.

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Menopause And Itching
Author Tanna Mayer
Updated January 7, 2013

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