Menopause And Hair Loss ~ Have Your Thyroid Checked

menopause womanEvery woman who has experienced menopause will inform you that this is a time of drastic changes. There are many different symptoms associated with this stage of life.

Most are a result of the ups and downs of the hormones in the body.

Many women even notice a change in their hair. Many may even experience hair loss during menopause.

There are a few different underlying causes that may result during menopause. Here, we will explore the relationship between menopause and hair loss.

You will learn about the different reasons that this situation may occur during menopause.

Menopause And Hair Loss

One of the main reasons that hair loss occurs in women who are going through the change of life is that the thyroid is functioning on a low level.

This is often referred to as hypothyroidism. The thyroid is a gland that all of us have. It controls the function of the various glands and cells in our bodies.

This means that the growth, metabolism, and the repair of those cells and glands are affected. Naturally, if a woman is experiencing hypothyroidism during menopause, the rate in which the hair grows is affected.

Many women experience hair loss during menopause as a result of fluctuations of the major hormones of the body. Hormones also play a vital role in the proper growth of hair and other types of cells in the body.

When there are many increases and decreases in the hormone levels, hair loss may become evident. For many women, hair thinning may be an issue that occurs. Many doctors can prescribe drug treatment therapies for this issue.

Hormone replacement is a common treatment when hair loss is caused from these hormones. Many women may experience issues with the scalp, or even basic dermatological conditions when they experience menopause.

The body changes in many different ways when a woman experiences menopause. With these various changes, the scalp and the basic dermatology of the skin may become slightly different. Many issues may become evident. Hair thinning and hair loss may be one of the symptoms that a female experiences.

Hormones often go through extreme highs and extreme lows when a female goes through menopause. Hair thinning and hair loss during this time is often experienced. Hormones can have a great deal to do with hair loss.

These hormones help produce hair growth and basic metabolism in the body. If there are severe increases and severe drops in hormones, the metabolism in which hair growth is sparked by will be affected in numerous ways. This may include faster growth rates, or even hair loss and thinning.

Many women experience large amounts of stress when they experience menopause. This can also result in hair thinning and hair loss in menopause. In addition to the stress that is experienced as a result of the change of life in a female, other situations may increase stress.

This includes the death of a family member, a major change in life, and numerous other events that the body may perceive as traumatic. As you can see, there are numerous possibilities for the reasons why women may experience hair thinning and hair loss during menopause.

If you notice that your hair is thinner than normal, or if you are losing your hair, it is important to outline major events that have occurred in the past three months of your life.

You are likely to be able to determine a cause of hair loss based on these events. If not, you should make an appointment with your doctor to work out the underlying cause.
Menopause And Hair Loss

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Menopause And Hair Loss

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Menopause And Hair Loss

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