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Menopause And Dizziness

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Menopause is a natural experience that many women experience as they age.

There are many different symptoms that may be experienced when a female goes through menopause. One of these symptoms includes that of frequent dizziness.

This symptom may or may not be directly related to the actual menopause that is being experienced.

Many times, the fluctuations in hormones may cause dizziness to become evident during this time.

Here, we will examine dizziness and menopause, as well as the other situations that may result in the onset of this particular symptom.

Dizziness A Menopause Symptom

Many women who are approaching menopause simply do not realize that dizziness may be a symptom of this natural cycle in life.

Generally, the most common symptoms of hot flashes, insomnia, and mood swings are expected, menopause and dizziness is often a symptom that many women will be surprised to encounter.

Interestingly enough, it has yet to be established if menopause and dizziness is directly or indirectly an effect of the actual menopause that is being experienced.

Many medical professionals will state that dizziness and menopause could be directly related to certain medications that are consumed during this change of life.

Then, there are many who believe that it is a result of the body’s response to the natural changes that are occurring within the body.

Dizziness and menopause can be extremely challenging to the women that experience it.

Not only can it be on the list of "annoying symptoms” associated with the change of life, it can also be on the list of "dangerous symptoms”.

Seeing that dizziness is often described as the sense of falling and spinning, it could prove itself at inopportune times.

For example, if a female is driving or operating heavy equipment, becoming dizzy may pose a certain health and safety risk.

If the woman is holding her newborn grandchild, dizziness can pose a danger to the female as well as the child.

While it may seem as if dizziness is nothing more than a nuisance, it is important to ensure that if you experience dizziness and menopause, you take this symptom very serious.

Physical Menopause Symptoms

What Causes The Dizziness?

One of the most evident when it comes to possible causes of dizziness and menopause is the natural hormonal changes that are occurring within the body.

Generally, becoming dizzy may be a natural reaction of the changing hormones in the body.

However, many women are prescribed medications to assist in leveling out the hormones that are fluctuating in the body.

Hormone replacement and even natural herbs and remedies that assist in the leveling out of the hormones in the body may cause some level of dizziness when they are ingested.

There are many medical conditions that may result in the onset of dizziness.

If a female has arthritis, or an arthritic condition, dizziness may occur. Infections in the body may also cause some degree of dizziness.

Many women who experience diabetes or even certain types of cancers and tumors may experience dizziness and menopause.

If you are a women who is going through the change of life and you find that you are experiencing bouts of dizziness, it is important that you do not overlook this symptom.

You should make an appointment with your doctor as soon as possible to rule out any other types of complications that may be resulting in dizziness and menopause.

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Menopause And Dizziness
Author Tanna Mayer
Updated January 7, 2013

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