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Menopause And Depression

Menopause And Depression

Are You At Risk?

There are many women who find they experiencing varying levels of depression while they are going through menopause.

Still, there are some that refer to it as a simple condition of the mind. Serotonin is a chemical that is located in the brain.

Specifically, it is a hormone. This hormone is directly responsible for regulating the many moods that you experience.

Why Am I Feeling Depressed?

Here, you will learn about the various causes of depression in menopause including the role of serotonin.

When a female experiences menopause, the hormones in the body start to rise and drop dramatically.

There is no system in which this happens. Hormones simply experience an imbalance while the body is attempting to adjust to the cessation of the reproductive system to properly function.

Unfortunately, serotonin is one of the many hormones in the body that experience this imbalance.

It is important to understand that not all women experiencing menopause will experience depression. Approximately 20% of women going through the change of life will, in fact, face depression.

Modern Natural Help For Menopause And Depression

Our grandmothers and great grandmothers learned how to make this life transition smoothly by studying an using plants.

Certain plants have a long history of helping to relieve menopausal symptoms and supporting the body's hormonal balance. Many females experience the onset of menopause as the result of a surgery.

The surgeries that are most commonly associated with the onset of menopause include those that directly affect the functioning of the reproductive system.

This includes surgery that remove an ovary, one that removes the fallopian tubes, or the total hysterectomy.

When the condition of menopause is induced as a result of surgery, the hormones in the body experience a rapid drop.

Many women experiencing menopause during this time in life will face depression.

The Feelings Of Depression

It has been established that women who have faced mental complications and disorders throughout their life are quite prone to experiencing depression while experiencing menopause.

There seems to be a direct link between previous experience in mental illness and menopause that includes the symptom of depression.

This is often due to imbalances that are already present in the body. That, combined with rapid changes in the hormones in the body is quite often associated with depression.

Emotional Menopause Symptoms

Cut Out The Nicotine

Many females that experience depression while enduring menopause are found to be those that smoke on a regular basis.

Women experience numerous changes in the body while experiencing menopause, then with the added complication of smoking, it is quite easy to establish that depression is likely to emerge during this time.

Do you want to try quitting or cutting down? Those that consumer alcoholic beverages and abuse drugs are also prime candidates for depression during menopause.

If an individual experiences any type of anxiety disorder, or they have a high level of stress, depression is eminent during menopause.

Some women are more prone to anxiety and stress than other women. While the change of life is occurring, this anxiety and stress may reach new heights.

This is based on the physiological events that are occurring in the body. These women often face the most severe forms of depression while experiencing menopause.

There are more reasons that menopause and depression may occur. These range from something as simple as stress to as complicated as an underlying mental illness.

If you are experiencing menopause and have found that you are suddenly more depressed than often, you should not take this symptom lightly.

It is important that you make an appointment with your doctor so that you can work together to determine the underlying cause and take the steps necessary to resolve your issue of menopause and depression.

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Menopause And Depression
Author Tanna Mayer
Updated January 6, 2013

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