Menopause And Constipation

At one point or another women will be faced with menopause and constipation. During menopause, because of hormonal changes, changes in activity levels and the like will cause a woman's body to react differently to foods that she's been eating all her life. 

Menopause And Constipation

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As her menstrual cycle begins to change and her estrogen levels shift, many symptoms can arise. These may include heart palpitations, sudden unexplained joint pains, the ever popular and well known hot flashes and night sweats.

There is also a plethora of mood swings and varying levels of irritability and anxiety, hives, vaginal dryness and, of course, constipation.

While all this put together has been known to drive some women right over the edge, if you deal with each symptom as it arises instead of trying to take on the entire mass as one large hairy, hoary entity, you will get a lot further. 

The Causes And Treatments For The Menopause Symptom Of Constipation

Let's talk constipation, because believe me, it isn't until recently that the subject has become less stigmatized. 

Women have suffered with this in silence, when the originally got their menstruation, when they were pregnant and finally during menopause. It's a wonder we haven't torn some man's head off. But, I digress.

Your Body Is Changing

Menopause constipation is directly related to a slowing of the gastrointestinal tract and heavier demands on the liver. This can be coupled with indigestion which can be exacerbated if you take to eating junk foods or foods, overeating or under eating. 

None of these are healthy and all of them can lead to gastric and bowel problems. A natural stool softener such as Natural Moves encourages normal bowel movements and provides constipation relief.

Adjusting Your Diet Can Help

To alleviate the situation naturally, you'll want to moderate your diet. Avoid high sugary foods, foods with a ton of carbs and food of little nutritional value. the Big Mac Super Sized meal is out.

Veggies are in. Look for products that contain fennel seed, meadowsweet, fenugreek seek and goldenseal root. Some other good products like lobelia and gentian are a great combination.  You will get gentle relief from menopause constipation and these may help your digestive enzymes work better overall. 

Use Laxatives With Caution

Avoid getting hooked on harsh constipation remedies that you buy in the drugstore as your body can get dependent on the level of harshness in these products and more natural products, as a result, will be less effective. 

Laxatives may actually cause more harm than good except for very short term relief when other measures have proven ineffective.

Slow Down When You Eat

Don't gobble. We live in a slap fast world where everything needs to be accomplished yesterday. We tend to rush everything including our meals. 

Unfortunately, in menopausal; women this can lead to bouts of indigestion and constipation because we are not allowing our digestive tracts sufficient time to do it's thing. 

Chew slowly and completely before swallowing your food. Allow the digestive enzymes to help to break your meal to store it in the muscles and liver for when it's needed. 

Enzymes For Menopause And Constipation

There are three groups of enzymes when it comes to menopausal constipation. - amylase, protease and lipase. 

  • Amylase breaks down carbohydrates in your body and comes from juices released from the pancreas and is in your saliva and intestinal tract.
  • Protease which helps digest proteins and can be found in the intestines, pancreas and stomach as well as some food fats.
  • Lipase is responsible for breaking down fats and can be found in your pancreas, intestines and stomach juices. These keep your stomach working at peak efficiency.

If you find that these measures don't help alleviate the constipation, talk to your family physician. 

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